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Chili pepper

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Question: pepper

good morning, I need information.
To accelerate the growth of my peppers, I would also like to give them light at night. This will do well or it will hurt the seedlings ... thank you ...

Chili pepper: Answer: pepper

Dear Pepe,
the forcing of crops is a practice that is carried out to accelerate the stages of plant development, or even to produce fruits and vegetables "out of season", or at times of the year when these fruits and vegetables are not naturally ripe or ready for consumption. This is a fairly complex practice, which is strictly regulated, based on studies carried out on each individual species and variety of plants. In general, unless it is a very particular culture, which develops in a particular way following the number of hours in the day (an example are the Christmas stars, which bloom only when there are few hours of sunshine a day), in generally the factors that are mainly modified are the temperature and the quantity of water. So, if you want to speed up the development of your pepper plants, then keep them in the greenhouse, and make sure that in the environment there is a climate similar to summer, and therefore dry air, high temperatures (which already a simple cold greenhouse guarantees in spring), a good amount of sunlight every day. In addition to this, other techniques are added, such as regular foliar fertilization, or watering with a special irrigation system. I don't know if all this apparatus is convenient for the development of your pepper plants, and I can't understand why, being spring, you are not able to wait for the correct and normal development linked to seasonal cycles and nature.
You can try to increase only the hours of sunlight, making sure that the night for your plants is very short, but frankly, the sun already lights up for about twelve hours a day, so I don't know how successful your attempt can be . In addition to this, to illuminate the plants, we do not need trivial light bulbs from the supermarket, it is necessary to give them as much light as possible similar to that of the sun, so we need special light bulbs.
A few years ago, in a famous film, entitled "Grace's Grass" you could see the efforts of a great gardening expert, who tried (successfully) to grow cannabis. His efforts were high because he was trying to develop a tropical plant in an area north of the United Kingdom; and therefore sought to adapt an inadequate climate to the needs of a plant; and not to change a season. In addition to this, surely the forced cultivation in a greenhouse of a chilli plant in December makes sense; the same thing done in April or May becomes a little less interesting.