Variety of varieties of beauty gloxinia: names, descriptions and photos

 Variety of varieties of beauty gloxinia: names, descriptions and photos

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Many gardeners have a love for gloxinia, or as it is also called, sinningia, began from childhood, when delicate velvet bells bloomed on the windowsills of grandmothers.

But before, gloxinia could only be found in crimson or purple. Today, through the efforts of breeders, hundreds of species and varieties of this beautiful flower of various shapes and colors have been bred, which grow beautifully and bloom magnificently in indoor conditions. In the article you can find the names, descriptions of all these flowers and photos of varieties of varieties included in the state register.

Botanical description and history of origin

Gloxinia is a perennial tuberous plant from the Gesneriev family. The natural habitat is the central and southern deciduous forests of America, the rocky banks of the rivers of Mexico and Brazil.

The botanical name "sinningia" was given to this plant in honor of the chief botanist of the botanical garden at the University of Bonn, Wilhelm Sinning, who sectioned this tropical beauty for many years.

Translated from German "Glocke" means a bell - hence the name Gloxinia, the flowers of which are really very similar to bells. And so it happened that the plant had two names - botanical "sinningia" and more common among flower growers - "gloxinia".

Names of species and varieties, and their photos

There are a lot of types and varieties of gloxinia. They differ in size, length of peduncles, color of foliage and a wide variety of colors of the flowers themselves. Below you can see varietal gloxinia and their photos.


Large, double, milky-white flowers with a bright pink border are decorated with a lighter border. All petals of the flower are strewn with bright pink peas to the border.


Variety Stephanie - a small compact bush with a height of 10-12 cm... Large double white flowers with a diameter of 12 cm are decorated with pink peas. The pink border is covered with finer specks.


Small white double flowers are abundantly strewn with specks, which smoothly turn into a bright pink saturated border at the edges of the petals. The petals are lighter on the edges, completely white from the inside. Leaves are bright green. Peduncles are strong and medium in size. Blooms profusely.

Frosty haze

Very delicate, double white rose flowers, strewn with rare lilac peas. The bush is compact, the leaves are green, the peduncle is of medium length.


Terry gloxinia with large, rose-like flowers composed of multi-row, pale white petals with yellowish cups. Light fringe on the petals. Peduncles of the Madonna variety are elongated, leaves are light green, thick, purple.

Tigrina Blue

Very contrasting and effective gloxinia. Its flowers are of a snow-white shade with a diameter of 10-15 cm, covered with a dense speck of violet-blue color, similar to tiger stripes. At the ends of the wavy petals of the same shade of the border. This variety has a delicate sweet aroma.

Tigrina Red

White large flowers with a diameter of 12 cm are strewn with small red specks. Along the edge of the petals, there is a wide rim of pink-red or crimson color. The plant itself does not exceed 30 cm in height. The leaves are large, bright green. It blooms profusely and for a long time.


A low bush 20 cm high with red-scarlet flowers with a narrow snow-white border. Scarlet variety has a small bouquet flowering.

Prince Albert

Beautiful bell-shaped buds of a purple hue, almost black. Rosette up to 25 cm in diameter. The edges of the petals are wavy. Corollas are deep yellow. The stem is short and strong. The leaves are oval with a velvety surface.


Differs in huge 12 cm double-row double-row flowers of lilac color with a wide purple border. The throat is white with small specks. Peduncles are strong, of medium length.

Crimson sketch

Variety Crimson Etude - a voluminous bush with long peduncles... Terry flowers, 10-12 cm in diameter, are densely covered with bright red-crimson specks. The edges of the petals are decorated with a wide crimson border.

Avanti Blue Wiz White Edge

A very showy hybrid with large dark blue flowers with a light border around the edges of the petals. About 20 buds are formed on one plant during flowering.


Purple flowers with velvet-like petals. The deep neck of a light lemon shade is embellished with contrasting purple specks. This hybrid is very lush massively in color. Green leaves are collected in a small rosette. Has a high decorative effect.

Cherry blizzard

White, rather large flowers, strewn with lilac-crimson peas, which smoothly pass the lilac border. The corolla is peach-pink with a dark pink stripe. The leaves of the Cherry Blizzard variety are dark, green, the seamy side is red... Large socket.

Cherry punch

White double flowers are decorated with dark cherry specks. Closer to the throat, the peas thicken and have a darker cherry hue.


Tall shrub about 50-70 cm. Large flight flowers with light petals are densely covered with dark purple peas. The throat is a lighter shade with small specks.


Cleopatra has exquisite wavy petals with fuzzy edges... Terry flowers are light pink or almost white. Small peas of dark pink color are scattered along the edges of the petals. Towards the middle, they merge to form pink-purple lines.

NG- Negrityanochka

The bush is tall, high-rise 25 cm. Very large double flowers with a diameter of 10-12 cm. The petals are velvety, blue-black. Olive leaves with silvery veins. Before setting the buds, gloxinia should be kept in a cool, well-lit place.

Black Hollywood

Velvety flowers with a diameter of 8 cm of dark purple, almost black color. The petals are wavy at the edges. Dark green leaf plates are covered with silvery velvet.

Black Prince

This gloxinia is distinguished by huge, 12 cm flowers of a ripe blackberry shade. The petals are wavy at the edges, velvety texture. The bush reaches a height of 20 cm. Black Prince is the darkest and most exclusive variety.

Black Panther

Double dark purple flowers with a velvety surface. The petals are covered with dark lilac peas. Neat rosette and not long peduncle. The bush is about 20 cm high.

The Snow Queen

Erect shoots form a bush 10 cm high. On the surface of the dark green velvety leaves, a silvery pattern is located along the veins. Large double flowers with white petals and a dark lilac throat, decorated along the edges with a delicate lilac border. With sufficient feeding, the petals can take on a more intense lilac hue.


Variety Romka - bush up to 18 cm high with light green leaves... The flowers are white, double, densely covered with dark lilac peas. Light purple edging along the edges of the petals. It blooms profusely and for a long time, but requires careful maintenance.


This variety has large flowers with a rare but large speck of lilac-pink color. Closer to the center, it smoothly turns into a lilac border. The bush is about 25 cm high. The leaves are dark green, dill rosette, short peduncle.

Priceless luxury

Double flowers, cherry-raspberry color with pink-red specks. Short peduncles. Compact bush, no higher than 25 cm. Olive leaf plates.

The mirror of one's heart

The Soul Mirror variety has large white flowers with a lilac coating... The petals are uneven, wavy at the edges. Yellow throat with red specks. Elongated green leaves. The bush itself is low, about 20 cm in height.


A beautiful, large flower with velvety purple petals. The throat is white-yellow with small purple specks. A compact bush about 20 cm in height. Peduncles are short.

Morse code

A double flower with white petals, on which are scattered red specks. There are vertical dashes and dots in the throat. Thanks to them, the plant got its name. Neat rosette, short peduncles, elongated leaves, light green shade.


On short peduncles, double, large flowers with a diameter of 15 cm are formed. Petals are light pink in color, along their edges there is a wide blue-blue border with dark lilac specks. The throat of the Voloshka variety is light with small specks of the same color.

Dolce Vita

Pale pink flowers with a dark pink throat. Neat rosette, strong peduncles. The leaves are large and fleshy, strongly drooping. Blooms for a long time and abundantly. The plant has a tuberous root system.


Huge purple flowers with a diameter of 17 cm. The edges of the petals are decorated with a dark purple border. Light throat with stripes. Peduncles are short, rosette is compact.


A compact bush 25 cm high, which forms into a bouquet during flowering. The Nastenka variety has white double volumetric flowers 15 cm in diameter... The petals are decorated with a lilac speck, which is located in the center and goes down the throat.


Large blue flowers. There is a clear white border along the edges of the petals. A compact, undersized bush blooms with a lush bouquet of 25 flowers.


Large, 15 cm white flowers with a bright plum-purple border. The edges of the petals are speckled with purple. Peduncles of medium length, very strong.


White, large-sized flowers are decorated with very small and dense pink-lilac specks. There is a light border along the edges of the petals. Neat and compact socket. Abundant flowering of the Marionette variety - up to 100 buds in one season.

Secret passion

Terry, large flowers of a pale pink color. The petals are decorated with dark red peas. A narrow white border runs along their edge. Short, strong stalks.


White, very large flower with a diameter of 17 cm. The edges of the petals with a wide red-pink border. The middle of the petals are with light red-pink veins. Vanilla-colored neck.


This group is represented by 4 varieties:

  1. Full moon... Rounded purple flower. The petals are decorated with strokes and dots of the same color. Yellow throat. Light green leaves.
  2. Foamy Surf... Double flower of deep dark purple color. On the edges of the petals there is a white, blurred edging. Miniature rosette, leaves of a light green hue, have brown veins.
  3. Pink rose... Pink double flower with an "orchid" shade. It resembles a small, slightly blossoming rose. The upper petals are completely pink, while the lower petals are white, with pink edging. Compact rosette, light green leaves.
  4. Pink Bead... This is a very small double flower, the diameter of which does not exceed 6-7 cm. There is a small pink speck on white petals. The socket is small, not pulling. The leaves are small, light green.

The moon's shadow

The diameter of the wide-open flowers is about 15 cm. The petals are covered with purple dots, the edges are decorated with a purple-lilac border. The throat is snow-white with purple specks. Peduncles are not long. A compact bush with large leaves.


Low bush 16 cm high. White, double flowers with pink-purple peas on the petals. Strong, short stalks. It blooms with a full-fledged bouquet.


The flowers are bright white, double type, abundantly covered with blue-violet specks. The edges of the petals have a thin light blue border. The flowers are elongated. Compact socket. The Zaznoba variety has strong and short peduncles..

Care rules

Gloxinia care rules:

  • Shine... Gloxinia likes adequate lighting. For proper growth and flowering, she needs a long daylight hours. But direct sunlight is highly undesirable for this plant, as this can lead to leaf burns.

    Gloxinia feel best on the southeast windows. In order for the bush to be of a beautiful shape, it must be turned over to the light in different directions.

  • Temperature... This is a very thermophilic flower that cannot stand the cold and sudden changes in temperature. The most optimal temperature range is in the range of 19-22 ° C. But it is also not recommended to allow extreme heat, because at temperatures above 28 ° C, the plant overheats, develops poorly and blooms worse.
  • Watering... During the period of development, active growth and flowering, the plant needs sufficient moisture in the soil and ambient air. For this, the space around the flower is sprayed with a spray bottle. But care should be taken that water does not fall on the bush itself. Gloxinia should be watered very carefully, at the root. Water for irrigation and spraying should be warm. It is necessary to moisturize the flower abundantly throughout the flowering period. In the fall, watering stops, and the culture prepares for a dormant period.
  • Top dressing... Gloxinia needs regular feeding. Nutrient formulations are applied once a week from April to the end of August - during periods of active growth and flowering of the plant. Fertilizers need to be taken for flowering plants that contain a lot of phosphorus, potassium, and very little nitrogen.

    You cannot apply top dressing to the soil immediately after transplanting gloxinia and in the process of rooting cuttings. This can lead to improper flower development and death of the root system.

We suggest watching a video on how to care for gloxinia at home:


Gloxinia today is one of the most beloved and common indoor flowers. The popularity of this culture is explained by the fact that it has a long flowering period, it is easy to care for it, and its varieties and species are huge.

Watch the video: Gloxinia - How to plant corms Sinningia speciosa (August 2022).