Storing rose hips at home: how to keep fruits for the winter?

 Storing rose hips at home: how to keep fruits for the winter?

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Few today who is not familiar with the beneficial properties that rose hips have.

Dry fruits this plant can be purchased at any pharmacy, and you can prepare yourself them at home, and then use them not only for medicinal purposes, but also for the general strengthening of the immune system.

Exists several ways storing rose hips so that they do not lose all the beneficial properties.

When to collect?

Fruit picking is usually possible from the end of July and before October. Only ripe berries are suitable for drying, on which there are no signs of disease damage. They need to be orange or bright red in color and firm enough.

General rules

How to store rose hips at home for the winter? To store dried rose hips, it is necessary pre-prepare clean, dry and well-ventilated containers. The best option is small bags made of dense natural fabric.

Also, for storing rose hips at home, you can also use glass jars, however, they should be closed either with a plastic lid with small holes, or with gauze folded in three layers. This is necessary in order to let the raw material breathe.

How to store rose hips? As a rule, fruits are stored in glass containers. The room must be well protected from light. Thus, almost 100% preservation is ensured one of the most important vitamins - C, because it is quickly destroyed under the influence of direct sunlight.

In addition, experts advise against keeping rose hips. in plastic bags, because air does not pass through this material, as a result raw materials begin to "suffocate" and molds.

For the same reason, you should not close the glass jar with a lid made of polyethylene. It's better neck of the container cover with gauzefolded in several layers, and then tied tightly along the rim with a cord or elastic band.

How to store fresh rose hips for the winter using drying? Drying rose hips at home are enough important process... If cardboard boxes are chosen for its storage, then they need to be lined with waxed paper. Since they do not close tightly, it is better not to place them near objects and products that have a strong or pungent odor.

Also their not recommended to keep next to fresh fruits and vegetables, because dry fruits will quickly damp and mold. The most suitable air temperature is considered to be about 0 degrees Celsius.

To dry rose hips at home, you can use household appliances: an electric dryer, a microwave oven and, of course, an oven, read about these methods in more detail on our website.

How to keep rose hips for the winter? The containers containing the dried rose hips are stored in a place protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Otherwise possible destruction of vitamins and loss of beneficial properties. In addition, you need to take care that the workpieces do not absorb various extraneous odors.

Shelf life dried rose hips, during which almost all of its medicinal properties are preserved, is two years... Then he gradually loses them and does not have the expected effect in the treatment of various diseases.

Storage methods

How to keep rose hips for the winter? Rose hips can be stored dried or fresh. So that they do not lose their properties when stored fresh, must be observed some regulations.

How to properly store rose hips at home for the winter? So, you need to take freshly harvested fruits, carefully peel them from the stalks and seeds, grind them to a puree mass, place them in a bag or plastic container and put them in the freezer. A medicinal plant in this form can be store no longer than twelve months.

Thanks to this method rose hip can be used as one of the components in the preparation of dishes such as jelly, jelly, compote and others. In addition, it, like dried, added to tea.

Freezing rose hips at home allows you to take advantage of many options for its use, but the fruits after drying are stored for a longer time.

Rosehip is better dry or freeze? Let's answer democratically, whoever likes it, both methods have the right to exist.

You can find out how to store rose hips in the refrigerator on our website.


Having chosen for yourself the most suitable method of storing rose hips for the winter, you can to provide for yourself for the whole year all those vitamins and useful components that the body requires in the cold season.

Thanks to the preparation in two ways, the fruits are added to many dishes, improving the function of the immune system and protecting the body from various diseases.

Often, together with the wild rose, hawthorn is also harvested, you can familiarize yourself with how to store hawthorn on the website.

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