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 How to store?

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Everyone, perhaps, knows what dried apples contain a huge amount of vitaminsthat keep well when dried properly. However, few people know the rules for storing these fruits after drying, so that they do not lose their beneficial properties and did not deteriorate in a short time. How to store dried apples for the winter? What is technology you should be guided so that substances such as fiber, fructose and many different mineral components are preserved in the pieces of dried apple.

Seat selection

Where to store dried apples? The quality of dried fruits, first of all, depends on the chosen storage locations... In addition, apart from the direct laying of the fruit, you do not have to do anything else.

The most ideal storage space for dried apples is where the air temperature is within +10 degrees Celsius.

It must necessarily function well in it. ventilation system... In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the humidity in the room is constantly at a reduced level.

Boxes and jars filled with fruit preserves do not need to be placed on the floor. Therefore, for this purpose, you need to specially equip a cabinet with shelves. You can remove excess moisture from it using an ordinary cup, which is filled table salt... It is placed not far from the container.

Reliable packaging

How to store dried apples? The most suitable container for storing dried apple pieces is sealed packaging.

Using it, you can provide reliable protection of products not only from moisture and various foreign odors, but also many pests.

Insects feed on apples, so they often make their way in loosely closed packagesmade of cellophane or paper. As a result, dried fruits will be spoiled by moths, bugs, flies and sugar mites, which penetrate even through an inconspicuous hole.

Dried apples are best kept in small bags made from thick fabric... In addition, the following are great for this. carton boxes, tight-fitting baskets, glass jars with sealed lids and boxes made of woodthat insects cannot penetrate.

It should be remembered that any selected container must first be well laid with sheets of thick paper. Preference should be given wax paper.

From above, the fruit is also covered with a paper sheet, so that it completely covers the apples. Read about how to store dried apples so that moths do not start in them, read on our website.

Main rules

How to store dried apples properly? In order for the drying of apples to be preserved for a long time and have not lost their useful properties and taste, you just need to thoroughly dry the apple pieces, place them in a hermetically sealed container, transfer them with paper sheets, and then put them in a dry, constantly ventilated room.

However, sometimes different unseen circumstances... For example, insects get inside boxes or bags. Do not immediately throw the entire contents of the container straight into the trash bag. If the pest was noticed almost immediately, then dried apples can be tried save.

To do this, they must be carefully sorted out, removing the spoiled pieces. Then the rest is laid out on a baking sheet in a thin layer and warms up well in the oven for thirty minutes at a temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius.

An alternative to this method can be the "freezing" technology, which allows you to get rid of any insects.

No less "dangerous" pest is mold... The situation with her is much worse.

Pieces of dried apples affected by this fungus, should not be eaten even after correct processing.

Storage periods

What is the shelf life of dried apples? Apples dried in the right way can be stored during several years... To do this, you must first prepare the room. It must have an excellent ventilation system, because constant ventilation of the room is required, as well as a low level of humidity and a low air temperature.

Dried fruits are the real source of all the essential vitamins and minerals, which is especially important in the cold season.

Many different can be prepared from them. delicious dishes, including cooking healthy compotes. Storing dried apples at home is a very simple process and, with proper preparation, allows you to constantly have such a healthy product at hand.

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