Useful tips for preparing the greenhouse for winter and features for structures made of various materials

Useful tips for preparing the greenhouse for winter and features for structures made of various materials

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In the fall, all greenhouse structures need to be prepared for winter and the subsequent gardening season.

These actions are mandatory and the quality and quantity of the future harvest depends on them.

But in the spring, all that remains is to plant the plants and wait for the shoots.

Main works

Why is greenhouse cleaning so important? In favorable greenhouse conditions, harmful organisms, bacteria and weeds can develop, which, having survived the winter, will begin to attack the young shoots of your crops.

The last processing of the greenhouse before the onset of cold weather is divided into two stages:

  • putting in order the soil;
  • disinfection and repair of the structure itself.

Treatment of beds

It is divided into several stages:

  • Spring-cleaning. Removal of all parts (underground and aboveground) of the remaining plants. Harvesting all fruits from the ground.
  • Removing the topsoil and replacing it with a new one.
  • Disinfection of soil. Digging and warming up.
  • Disinfection. The most popular methods are treatment with urea or fumigation with sulfur and other substances. Experts advise disinfecting even if your plants are not sick.

Greenhouse construction preparation

The structure of the covering material must be disinfected and checked for damage.... In the first case, the mechanism of action will depend on the materials from which the greenhouse is made, but this is an important and mandatory step. In the second, the entire frame is carefully checked for mechanical damage and the appropriate repairs are carried out.

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Features of preparation for greenhouses from different materials


It is necessary to start work immediately after the last harvest in several stages:

  • Visual inspection. Be sure to check all fasteners, screws, walls and roof for cracks and chips. The holes will become a bait for pests, it is necessary to fix the damage precisely at the stage of preparation for winter.
  • Removal of plant residues.
  • Washing the walls of the greenhouse inside and outside.
  • Disinfection.
  • Removal of garbage and all unnecessary from the greenhouse.

The material tends to become a dwelling place for bacteria and fungi, so washing the inner walls is mandatory. This can be done with solutions:

  • soda;
  • mustard;
  • acetic;
  • based on potassium permanganate.

Pay attention to hard-to-reach places, corners and sides, dust, cobwebs, insect nests always accumulate there.

After using any detergents, their residues must be washed off with plain water.

From film

It is recommended to remove the film cover before winter, it may not support the weight of the snow, or install retaining structures inside.

Otherwise, the film is removed and treated with dissolved laundry soap. Then thoroughly wipe and rinse with water. The prepared material must be dried, carefully rolled up and stored.

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From glass

If the greenhouse cannot be disassembled, it is prepared for cold weather in several stages:

  • Cleaning of organic residues.
  • Check for damage. If the glasses are damaged, they must be replaced, and the cracks in the frames should be sealed with putty.
  • Rinse inside. Be sure to walk with a hard sponge in places of heavy dirt: corners, recesses and sides.
  • Glass can be cleaned well with ordinary soapy water or dishwashing detergent.
  • Then the surfaces are rinsed with water and treated with chlorine solution (4%).

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