Lemon in the cold

Question: will my lemon recover?

good morning if it were possible to have some advice for my lemon I removed the non-woven fabric with surprise I see that all the leaves down and soft the almost empty soft lemons leaves are very dry green according to you and dead what can I do to recover it or given a bit of manure or done well and high 1.5 arria from the sicili thank you best regards

Lemon in the cold: Answer: how to grow a lemon outdoors

Dear Franco,
lemons, and also citrus fruits in general, are evergreen plants of Asian origin, which in Italy can be grown in the garden only in regions where the winter climate is mild, where frost is not a problem.
In all regions where the winter climate is cold, and characterized by prolonged periods of frost, lemons are cultivated under the shelter of a terrace, or covered with non-woven fabric, so as to prevent the leaves from being damaged.
When the winter cold is particularly intense, and extremely cold temperatures, it can happen that the frost reaches the plant under the protective sheet; in general, therefore, the plant is covered at the end of autumn, and the temperatures are checked: if the thermometer falls below -5 / -8 ° C at night, it proceeds with one or more further coverings, to avoid that, even under a layer of non-woven fabric, the climate becomes very rigid.
However, the lemons remain evergreen, with a fairly intense winter development, as they often produce flowers and ripen during the winter. For this reason, it is good to avoid that the lemon plants remain completely without water for long periods of time; even with frost, even with snow, it is important to wet the soil, avoiding to leave it dry for a long time.
Also for this reason the plants are covered with non-woven fabric and not with plastic film: if a plant covered with non-woven fabric is exposed to the elements, the rain water reaches the ground.
Above all, it is important that these plants receive water on days that are not too cold, with temperatures above 5-8 ° C.
So your lemon may have suffered for two different reasons: lack of watering, or excessively intense frost.
In both cases the foliage collapses and tends to dry up; now it is the case to shorten the branches that bear the ruined leaves, to expose the plant to the sun and to resume with the usual waterings and fertilizations, avoiding however to excessively water the plant, which needs water only when the soil is dry.
To stimulate growth you can look for fertilizers in plants that are suitable for plants that have suffered water stress, these products are used only in an emergency and only once a year.
To favor in any case the right level of mineral salts in the soil, you can use the fertilizer consisting of shredded lupins, traditionally used as a fertilizer for citrus fruits.