Bird care: can sorrel be given to budgies?

Bird care: can sorrel be given to budgies?

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The most common type of poultry is the budgerigar. Many families keep him as a favorite pet.

The health of the budgie is directly dependent on its nutrition. All the books say that you cannot feed pets from your table, but can you give various herbs to a parrot?

This article describes in detail whether it is possible to give sorrel to budgies and what the consequences may be.

Are wavy birds allowed to feed the plant?

Sorrel is a delicious plant that is used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. But, do not pamper your little friend with them.

Regardless of the type of parrot, sorrel is strictly forbidden to be included in the pet's diet. Cooked sorrel is just as dangerous to poultry as fresh.


If you didn’t know and accidentally gave sorrel to the budgie, then the minimal manifestation is diarrhea. Of course, from 1-2 times nothing terrible will happen to the bird. But if you feed him with sorrel regularly, then the bird will quickly die. In its composition, the plant contains substances that are poisonous to the parrot (oxalic acid). The peculiarity of this poison is that it gradually accumulates in the body, slowly killing the parrot.

What if your pet ate the plant?

Observe your pet if the dose of sorrel was minimal, then the bird's body can cope with the poison and remove it, without any consequences. If the budgerigar has diarrhea, it is necessary to improve the work of digestion. Include in the diet chalk and fruit twigs, they improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. There must be fresh, boiled water - change daily.

It is necessary to give Linex, mix ½ capsules with food and give to the parrot, once a day is enough. Additionally probiotic "Vetom", one quarter of a teaspoon, also once a day.

During treatment, exclude fruits and other "snacks"... Additionally add vitamins, for example, "Beafar", course - 10 days.

If there is no improvement within 3-5 days, contact your avian veterinarian immediately.

List of other prohibited herbs

The following plants can lead to death or diseases of the budgerigar:

  • parsley;
  • bow;
  • dill;
  • basil;
  • sagebrush;
  • spinach;
  • celandine.

It is better to buy herbs for birds in pet stores.... Remember, what you love can be deadly for your friend.

List of useful greens that are allowed to give a pet

If you want to please your pet with fresh herbs, then it is better to give preference to such plants as:

  1. broccoli;
  2. cauliflower;
  3. lettuce salad;
  4. zucchini;
  5. dandelions;
  6. plantain;
  7. wood lice;
  8. blooming Sally.

The health of the budgerigar depends on the consciousness of the owner... The bird will gladly eat food that it cannot. Your task is to formulate the diet so that it is completely balanced and harmless and hazardous substances such as sorrel.

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