To what depth should tomato seeds be planted in the ground and when picking? Practical advice

To what depth should tomato seeds be planted in the ground and when picking? Practical advice

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Tomatoes in Russia are one of the most common crops in horticulture. To get a good and high-quality harvest, it is advisable to follow certain rules when growing. They include the correct choice of seeds and their preparation, the choice of containers and fertilizers, the right time for planting and watering.

The importance of planting depth for both seedlings and seeds should not be underestimated. If you plant the seeds deeper than necessary, they will not germinate and you will lose money and time, but if there is insufficient deepening, the bushes will be weak and there may be no harvest either.

There are two ways to plant tomatoes: by growing seedlings from seeds, which you plant in an open space, or immediately sowing seeds into the ground. Let's consider these options in more detail.

How to sow tomato seeds deeply for growing seedlings?

Tomato seeds are quite small, so planting healthy seedlings in the ground has an advantage.

After choosing a container that suits you and filling it with soil, you need to make holes for the seeds. You can use what is at hand (the back of a teaspoon, a marker, and others). The average depth should be 1 centimeter.

The seeding depth depends on the cultivated tomato variety... For example, small or low-growing varieties, such as Cherry, are planted at a depth of 0.8 cm, and tall tomatoes can be planted at 1.5 cm.If you are in doubt which variety the tomatoes you have chosen belong to, stop at a 1-centimeter hole. since it will be universal, strong and healthy seeds will be able to germinate through such an amount of soil, subject to the rest of the growing rules, and give high-quality seedlings.

At what level should they be sealed if they need to be planted in the ground?

The second way to germinate seeds is to sow them directly into the ground. In this case, no more than two seeds are sown per 1 square centimeter. The level of the dusting layer will also depend on how large the seed you choose for sowing and whether you use growth inhibitors. Varies from 0.5 to 1 centimeter. If you are sowing germinated material, prepare the hole to the height of the root, pushing the soil apart with your hands.

What is the embedment in the holes when picking tomatoes?

A pick is a transplant from a smaller container to a larger one to obtain a powerful root system. It is necessary to dive tomato seedlings when 2 real leaves have appeared.

The holes should be of sufficient depth so that the root does not bend and reach the cotyledonous leaves., it is about 1.5-2 centimeters deeper than he grew up.

These features of tomato planting will allow an even weakly formed root to grow in a larger space and become stronger.

How deep to plant grown seedlings?

Well-prepared tomato seedlings are planted in holes 5-10 deeper than they grew, after which the two bottom sheets are cut off and sprinkled with soil. After watering, the soil will settle down a little and this will be the optimal level for the seedlings to produce high-quality fruits. It is not worth planting deeper, since tomatoes are a thermophilic plant and loves when both leaves and roots are warmed up.

If the seedlings are too elongated and above 25 centimeters, then the planting depth can be increased to 20 centimeters.

In order to grow the right bushes and get a high-quality harvest, which everyone is striving for, you must adhere to all the rules for growing this crop and focus on your own experience. If you are a beginner in this field, then you can always use the standard scheme of planting and caring for tomatoes, advice on choosing the optimal holes and the need for picking. If you follow these tips, you will enjoy the final result.

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