Ultra-early table potatoes "Milena": description of the variety, characteristics, photo

Ultra-early table potatoes

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Fans of ultra-early potatoes will surely appreciate the Milena variety - fruitful, unpretentious, tasty.

It was bred by Russian breeders, suitable for small farms and private gardens... Potatoes can be grown from self-harvested root vegetables or seeds.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about what this variety is, what conditions it requires for growing, what features the potato has.

You will also find out how susceptible he is to diseases and whether he is able to withstand the attack of pests.

Milena potatoes: variety description

Variety nameMilena
general characteristicsearly ripe table variety, unpretentious in care, has a high yield and good taste
Ripening period70-90 days
Starch content11-14%
Mass of marketable tubers90-100 gr
The number of tubers in the bush15-20
Yield450-600 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, the pulp does not boil over, not watery, suitable for baking and frying
Keeping quality95%
Peel coloryellow
Pulp colorwhite, cream
Preferred growing regionsany soil and climate
Disease resistanceresistant to nematodes, viruses and potato cancer, prone to rot and black leg, rarely affected by late blight
Growing featuresthree hilling are recommended, the variety does not tolerate a lack of moisture
Originatoragrofirm "Sedek" (Russia)


Milena is an ultra-early table variety. From emergence to maturation, 70-90 days pass. How to grow early potatoes correctly, read here.

The yield is high, under favorable weather conditions, up to 600 quintals of selected potatoes can be harvested from 1 hectare... The harvested tubers are well stored and can withstand transportation. The potato has good commercial qualities, which is important for retail trade.

The bush is medium-tall, erect or semi-erect, with moderately spreading branches. The formation of green mass is moderate. Leaves are medium in size, simple, dark green.

With slightly wavy edges and clearly marked veins. Corolla compact, collected from large, white, rapidly falling flowers. Low berry formation. The root system is well developed. 15-25 large tubers are formed under each bush. The amount of small items is minimal.

Potatoes are easy to care for, agricultural technology is standard. It is possible to grow from seeds or tubers, the yield will be decent in any case.... A light, nutritious soil with a predominance of sand is required.

You can fertilize plantings with mineral complexes or organic matter (humus, rotted manure). How and when to fertilize, as well as how to feed potatoes when planting, read in separate materials on the site.

During the season, the bushes are huddled 2-3 times, forming ridges up to 25 cm high.It is important to remove weeds in time and monitor soil moisture. A constant lack of moisture will cause the tubers to shrink and reduce yields, so you should take care of proper watering. The use of such an agrotechnical technique as mulching will not hurt.

In addition to the use of fertilizers when growing potatoes, other agrotechnical methods and methods are often used.

On our website you will find useful information on how the use of herbicides and fungicides affects potato yields.

We also offer you interesting materials about Dutch technologies and about growing potatoes under straw, in barrels and bags.

Milena potato variety is resistant to many dangerous diseases: potato crayfish, golden cyst nematode, various viruses, scab, alternaria, fusarium and verticilliosis.

Early ripening and a short growing season save tubers and leaves from late blight. Young plants should be protected from root rot, blackleg and pests.

Potatoes have a pleasant, delicate taste. Despite the fact that the variety is early, the tubers are quite dense, not watery. Moderate starch content prevents root vegetables from darkening during cutting and cooking.

The tubers can be used to make a wide variety of dishes, from soups to fries. Root vegetables contain a lot of fiber and vitamins, they are nutritious, but not too high in calories. We bring to your attention useful materials on storing peeled potatoes, as well as how to keep the benefits of this product in the refrigerator.

To compare such a characteristic of potatoes, such as the starch content in it, you can compare using the table below:

Variety nameStarch content
Lady Claire11-16%
Zhukovsky early10-12%
Aladdinup to 21%
Bryansk delicacy16-18%


The potato variety Milena was bred by Russian breeders and entered into the State Register of the Russian Federation. Recommended for cultivation in farms or personal subsidiary plots.

Potatoes can be planted in different regions, depending on the climatic zone, planting dates may be shifted. The tubers have good commercial qualities, are well stored, and are suitable for transportation and sale.

A photo

See below: Milena potatoes photo

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the variety include:

  • good taste of tubers;
  • high productivity;
  • good keeping quality;
  • excellent commercial quality of root crops;
  • resistance to major diseases;
  • easy care;
  • tolerance to the vagaries of the weather (drought, heat, short-term cold snap).

The variety has practically no flaws... To increase yields, dosed watering and balanced feeding are recommended.

The table below shows the keeping quality of other potato varieties:

Variety nameKeeping quality

Growing features

Like other early varieties, Milena potatoes can be grown in seedlings or non-seedlings... The latter involves sowing pre-soaked seeds or selected small tuber into the warmed-up soil.

With the seedling method, the soaked seeds are sown in boxes with a mixture of turf and humus. Grown seedlings move into the ground when the threat of frost blows.

Potatoes prefer light, fertile soil... It is recommended to add a portion of manure or humus after harvest. At the beginning of the season, the plot is plowed up and another batch of manure is applied.

This technique allows you to do without mineral fertilizing. Wood (preferably birch) ash will also help to increase the nutritional value of the soil.

The variety tolerates short-term drought, but to increase yields, it is necessary to maintain normal soil moisture... The ideal option is a drip irrigation system.

It is necessary to carry out hilling 2-3 times with the formation of high ridges. Weeds are being weeded at the same time. Mulching the row spacings will help to avoid this procedure.

You can dig in the tubers already in the middle of summer, but the variety shows its maximum yield at the end of the growing season.

It is recommended to cut the tops a week before harvesting, this procedure will help to increase the mass of tubers. Root crops are dried on the border or under a canopy. After drying, the potatoes are sorted, the fines are selected for subsequent plantings.

Diseases and pests

The potato variety Milena has good immunity.

It is little susceptible to potato cancer, viruses, and golden cyst nematode. Bushes are rarely affected by late blight.

For preventive purposes shows a single treatment of plantings with medicinal preparations.

To prevent blackleg, the seed is disinfected before planting, and the aisles are mulched with cut grass or straw.

Early fresh greens are often affected by aphids, thrips, Colorado potato beetle. 2-3 times insecticide treatment will help to destroy pests. It is advisable to use toxic drugs before flowering.

You can get rid of the wireworm (the larvae of click beetles) by spilling the soil with a disinfectant solution. Periodic change of the site for planting also helps. Meadow grasses, phacelia, oil radish, and cabbage will be ideal precursors for potatoes.

Milena is a tasty, healthy and beautiful potato that is very easy to grow. The variety is not subject to degeneration, the seed for the next year can be harvested independently.

Novice gardeners should try the seedling and seedless growing method, and then choose the one that is ideal.

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