Unusually tasty tomato "King of Giants": characteristics and description of the variety, photo

Unusually tasty tomato

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With the beginning of the season, many summer residents have a question, what to plant on the site? Lovers of large tomatoes can be recommended a variety that certainly cannot but please with its qualities and characteristics. These are the King of Giants tomatoes, they will be discussed in our article.

We are glad to present to your attention a full description of the variety, to acquaint you with the peculiarities of its cultivation and other interesting points.

Tomato King of Giants: variety description

Tomato King of Giants really is king size, the growth of the bush is 150-180 centimeters. Standard bush, indeterminate, requires obligatory garter. Well suited for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.

Sufficiently resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes. The king of giants is a mid-early plant, yields its first fruits in about 110-115 days. In addition to the royal size of the bush itself, its fruits have the same size, their average weight is 450-600 grams, but they can be 800!

Fruits are bright red oval, slightly flattened, sweetish in taste. Very fleshy, contain 3-5% dry matter, have an average of 8 chambers. When growing seedlings, special attention should be paid to temperature and light conditions.

The Royal Giant is the result of the labors of our specialists. Received state registration as a variety in 2010. Despite the fact that the variety is quite young, it has already gained popularity among gardeners. Tomatoes of the King of Giants variety in the open field can be grown in the southern regions of the country. For example, the Astrakhan region or Krasnodar region will do. In the regions of central Russia and more northern regions, cultivation is possible only in greenhouses.

For comparison, the table below shows data on the weight of fruits in other varieties of tomatoes:

Variety nameFruit weight
King of giantsup to 800 grams
Fat jack240-320 grams
Premier120-180 grams
Broody90-150 grams
Polbig100-130 grams
Buyan100-180 grams
Black bunch50-70 grams
Grapefruit600-1000 grams
Kostroma85-145 grams
American ribbed300-600 grams
The president250-300 grams


This type is best suited for fresh consumption, less often tomato juice and paste are made. Fruits of a later harvest are suitable for canning, since they are smaller in size, and the fruits of early harvests are too large for preservation, and may not fit into the jar. The yield of this species is good. With the proper approach to business and favorable conditions, you can get up to 7-9 kilograms of large and tasty tomatoes from 1 sq. meters.

You can see the yield of other varieties in the table:

Variety nameYield
King of giants7-9 kgs sq.m
Olya-la20-22 kg per square meter
Nastenka10-12 kg per square meter
King of Kings5 kg per bush
Banana red3 kg per bush
Gulliver7 kg per bush
Brown sugar6-7 kg per square meter
Lady Shedi7.5 kg per square meter
Rocket6.5 kg per square meter
Pink Lady25 kg per square meter

Among the main advantages of this type, it is worth noting:

  • good productivity;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • resistance to most diseases;
  • taste of fruits.

Among the shortcomings, one can identify the difficulty in caring for seedlings, the need for a garter and regular feeding. Among the features of the variety, gardeners note resistance to most diseases and high yields. The fruits tolerate long-term storage and transportation well. Due to the high content of vitamins, it is perfect for dietary and baby food.

A photo

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Diseases and pests

This species is very resistant to disease, but there is one problem to which it is susceptible, which is noted by many gardeners. This is a whitefly, a harmful insect that can harm the plant, and if you lose control of the situation, even kill it completely. When plants are affected by a greenhouse whitefly, they are sprayed with Confidor, at the rate of 1 ml per 10 liters of water, the resulting solution is enough for 100 square meters. m.

The tomato variety King of Giants will delight gardeners with its fruits, very beautiful and tasty, and next year this wonderful tomato will be in your garden again. Good luck with growing and a bountiful harvest!

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In the table below you will find links to tomato varieties with different ripening periods:

Early ripeMid lateMedium early
Pink fleshyYellow bananaPink King F1
Ob domesTitaniumBabushkin
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