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If you have been looking for an unusual tomato variety for a long time, which could surprise not only your household, but also your neighbors in your summer cottage, turn your attention to the Auria tomato variety.

Auria has many good qualities and characteristics. Get acquainted with the full description of the variety on our website, study the cultivation features, look at the tomatoes in the photo.

Tomato variety Auria: variety description

Variety nameAuria
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate variety
Ripening period100-110 days
The formElongated, split-tip
Average weight of tomatoes150-180 grams
Variety yield5 kg per bush
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceDisease resistant

Tomato Auria does not belong to hybrid varieties and do not have F1 hybrids of the same name. The height of their liana-shaped indeterminate bushes, which are not standard, is from 150 to 200 centimeters.

According to the ripening time, these tomatoes are mid-ripening, since from the moment of planting their seeds in the ground to the appearance of ripe fruits, it usually takes from 100 to 110 days.

Such tomatoes can be grown both in greenhouses and in the open field, and they are extremely resistant to all known diseases.

The fruits of these plants are elongated with a forked end.... When ripe, their length is from 12 to 14 centimeters, and their weight is from 150 to 180 grams.

You can compare the weight of the fruits of this variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Auria150-180 grams
Golden Stream80 gram
Salting miracle90 grams
Locomotive120-150 grams
President 2300 grams
Leopold80-100 grams
Katyusha120-150 grams
Aphrodite F190-110 grams
Aurora F1100-140 grams
Anyuta F195-120 grams
Boney M75-100

A dense fleshy pulp is hidden under the red skin of the fruit. It is distinguished by a small number of seeds, pleasant taste and aroma.

The dry matter content of these tomatoes is average, and the number of chambers in them is very small. Auria tomatoes do not crack, do not overripe and can be stored for a long time.

The Auria tomato variety was developed in Israel in the 21st century. These tomatoes are suitable for growing in any region. The fruits of these plants are widely used for whole-fruit preservation and preparation of various preparations, and are also consumed fresh.

This species is very productive.... Up to 14 clusters can be located on one bush, each of which consists of 6-8 tomatoes.

Variety nameYield
Auria5 kg per bush
Long Keeper4-6 kg per square meter
American ribbed5.5 per bush
De Barao Giant20-22 kg per bush
King of the market10-12 kg per square meter
Kostroma4.5-5 kg ​​per bush
Summer resident4 kg per bush
Honey Heart8.5 kg per square meter
Banana Red3 kg per bush
Golden Jubilee15-20 kg per square meter
Diva8 kg per bush

A photo

See below: Auria tomato photo

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Auria has the following advantages:

  • high productivity;
  • disease resistance;
  • fruit crack resistance;
  • versatility in the use of the crop.

Tomatoes of this variety do not have any significant drawbacks.

Cultivation and features of the variety

The main feature of the aforementioned variety of tomatoes is the unusual shape of their fruits.

Although the bushes of the Auria tomatoes are quite tall, they are very compact and easy to care for.

Sowing seeds for seedlings should be done 55-60 days before planting in a permanent place.

Usually it is carried out in February, and by the end of April, the seedlings are planted in the ground. The fruiting period of these tomatoes lasts from July to September..

Auria tomato bushes need pinching and garter. It is best to form them into two stems.

Diseases and pests

The Auria tomato variety is resistant to almost all diseases of tomatoes in greenhouses, and you can protect it from pests with the help of insecticidal preparations.

Due to the unusual shape of the fruit, ease of care and resistance to disease, Auria tomatoes have managed to become a favorite of a huge number of gardeners. To see the benefits described, you can try growing them yourself.

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Late ripeningEarly ripeMid late
BobcatBlack bunchGolden raspberry miracle
Russian sizeSweet bunchAbakan pink
King of KingsKostromaFrench bunch
Long KeeperBuyanYellow banana
Grandma's giftRed bunchTitanium
Podsinsky miracleThe presidentSlot
American ribbedSummer residentKrasnobay

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