All stages of seed preparation for sowing: peppers, tomatoes, is culling and bubbling necessary, how to carry them out correctly

All stages of seed preparation for sowing: peppers, tomatoes, is culling and bubbling necessary, how to carry them out correctly

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Proper preparation of pepper and tomato seeds for sowing is an important step in obtaining healthy seedlings of these crops.

Their treatment will stimulate germination, and will also help protect plants from various diseases.

The topic of today's article is preparing seeds for sowing: peppers, tomatoes.

Culling non-viable specimens

Practice shows that not all seeds can germinatesome of them lack embryos. Before planting, it is worth checking their ability to sprout. In addition, it is worth rejecting too small specimens.

The germination test of self-collected seeds is carried out two weeks before sowing. To do this, select 10 pieces and wrap them in gauze bags. Dip them in warm water for a day, then put them in a container in a warm place.

REFERENCE! Tomato seeds can be stored for up to 5 years, pepper seeds - 2-3 years... Store them in dry paper bags or a tightly closed jar in a cool, dry place.

Check the result in a week. Your task is to find out how many seeds you have selected have sprouted. If at least 5 germinated from each batch, feel free to use the batch for sowing.

IMPORTANT! If you buy seeds from a store, you only need to keep track of their expiration date. As a rule, fresh purchased ones germinate 90-100%.

Further culling immediately before planting is carried out by immersion in salted water. In a glass of water, it is necessary to dilute a teaspoon of salt and dip the seeds into the solution. Viable specimens will sink to the bottom... Throw out all the floating ones - nothing will grow out of them. Then rinse in clean water and dry.

Disinfection and germination stimulation

This is a very important stage in preparing pepper and tomato seeds for sowing seedlings, so it must be done.

To prevent the development of various diseases in seedlings, for 15-20 minutes, the seeds are soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate bright pink. After this time, they are washed several times with cool water. An alternative to potassium permanganate are drugs Fitosporin, Trichodermin, Bactofit... They protect sprouts from various fungi and bacteria.

After disinfection soak in nutrient solution... Biostimulants not only promote rapid germination, but also increase their immunity to diseases. Stimulation drugs are divided into universal and specialized.

For seed, special ones are used. Good results, according to reviews of experienced gardeners, have shown Zircon, Epin... They are kept in a stimulant solution for a day.

TIP! If pepper and tomato seeds were stored in the refrigerator, they need to be taken out for warming up a month before the intended sowing. To do this, place them in fabric bags of several layers. Then keep it at room temperature for a week, then put it next to the battery for two weeks, and for the last week on the battery itself on a newspaper layer.

Features of processing hybrids

Store-bought hybrid and varietal varieties do not need to prepare pepper and tomato seeds for planting... Having bought a bag, read the instructions carefully. Manufacturers of hybrids pickle the material from pests and diseases before packaging, so there is no need to further decontaminate them.

If there is no information about the processing on the bag, then it is possible to determine whether there was processing by the unusual dark color. The fact that the seeds have undergone a certain preparation is also indicated by their color in any color. They can be red, blue or bright green.

Awakening growth with folk remedies

From time immemorial, a peculiar hardening method... After processing with potassium permanganate, they are placed in a refrigerator for a day, then taken out and moistened with water at about 40 degrees.

After a day of keeping in heat, they are again placed in the refrigerator. Then they put it in the heat again for a day. The last day before sowing, they are kept in the refrigerator, and then sown in warm soil. Read more about preparing the soil for seedlings of tomatoes and peppers.

An excellent growth stimulant is soaking planting material in aloe juice... Prepare a solution of a teaspoon of juice in a glass of water. Soaking in a solution of wood ash (a teaspoon in a glass of water) is also effective.

The seeds are placed in a solution in a gauze bag and kept in it for a day. Ash contains about 30 types of nutrients, and besides, it has disinfecting properties. Therefore, soaking in ash is an effective way of processing.

TIP! If, in addition to drugs, you take not tap water, but melt water, biological processes will receive additional stimulation.


The germination of pepper and tomato seeds increases significantly after their treatment with oxygen. It is carried out using an aquarium compressor.... Seeds are lowered into a container with water and the compressor hose is placed there. Processing is carried out within 36 hours.

Sparging is carried out before disinfection. Make sure that during the process the seeds do not settle, but constantly move, as it were, inside the liquid. If the water darkens during the process, it must be replaced.

IMPORTANT! Do not add growth stimulants to the water when bubbling, the water must be clean.


After processing, the seeds are laid out for germination. To do this, their placed on napkins, moistened with warm water and left for two to three days.

It is very convenient to carry out germination in cotton pads. They are moistened with water, the seeds are spread on them and covered with a second wet disc. If the discs are placed in a plastic container with a lid, then the conditions of a kind of greenhouse will be created and germination will occur on the third or fourth day.

Do not neglect the process of preparing seeds before planting them in the soil, since it depends on what kind of seedlings you get as a result. After all, only from healthy, strong seedlings can hardened specimens be grown that can give the maximum yield.

So, we told how to prepare the seeds of peppers and tomatoes for planting seedlings.

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