Question: dicondra

Good evening I wanted to have information on the dicondra, I planted it for a year and a half and in some places the moss was born and in other places it disappeared as if it had secato.D winter does not beat the sun so much I do not know if it is one of the cause. What should I do? And to fertilize it? Each time it burns. Thank you for your attention, good evening. Roberta from SARDINIA

Answer: dicondra

Dear Roberta,
perhaps your dichondra receives too much or little water; generally it is a plant very resistant to drought, but it depends on the various cultivation conditions. You should try again to re-seed the dichondra, mixed with ryegrass: at the beginning you will have a strange spotted meadow, but within a few years the ryegrass will leave space for the ditch. This stratagem is carried out because often the dichondra cannot colonize a bare ground, it prefers to be associated with another grass, which initially guarantees a little humidity and a little shade.