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Question: Magnolia

Good morning, having to cover the outcropping roots of a magnolia grandiflora with about thirty centimeters of soil, there can be problems for the plant: The plant is twelve meters high and about thirty years old, we have redone the access driveway screeds and now it is low compared to plan of the garden and to have a minimum of background for the lawn we must just add some soil ... thanks

Answer: Magnolia

Dear Eddy,
if the soil is well drained and there are no problems with water stagnation, there should be no problems for your plant, also because it is very large and has been there for a long time, and therefore it should not suffer. In general, this type of intervention creates problems for the part of the trunk that is "submerged" by the new soil; to prevent the trunk from suffering, try placing pebbles around it rather than the soil, so that it continues to "breathe".