Delicious and beautiful tomato "Pink Pearl" will not leave anyone indifferent. Description of tomato variety with photos

Delicious and beautiful tomato

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There is a very good variety for all lovers of early tomatoes. It's called the Pink Pearl. The fruits will undoubtedly delight you with their taste, and the bushes with a view, moreover, with these tomatoes it is not at all necessary to be the owner of a summer cottage, they can be grown right at home on the balcony.

In the article we will present to your attention all possible information about the Pink Pearl tomato. Here you will find a complete description of the variety, get acquainted with its characteristics and learn all about the features of cultivation.

Tomatoes Pink Pearl: variety description

This is a determinant variety, early maturing, 85-95 days pass from transplanting to fruiting. The plant is undersized, reaches a height of 60-70 cm. Tomatoes "Pink Pearl" can be grown both in the open field and in greenhouse shelters and even on the balcony of a city apartment. This type of tomato has very good disease resistance.

Ripe fruits are pink and round in shape. The tomatoes themselves are small, about 90-110 gr... The number of chambers in fruits is 2-3, the dry matter content is up to 5%. The harvested crop can be stored for a long time.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Pink pearl90-110 grams
Morozko50-200 grams
Pink King300 grams
Miracle of the garden500-1500 grams
Icicle Black80-100 grams
Moscow pear tree180-220 grams
Chocolate bar30-40 grams
Rookie pink120-200 grams
Palenque110-135 grams
Icicle pink80-110 grams

This hybrid was bred by Ukrainian specialists in 2002 and received registration in Russia in 2004. Almost immediately it earned recognition from Russian gardeners and farmers for their excellent varietal qualities. Garden tomatoes "Pearl Pink" are resistant to temperature extremes and calmly react to lack of lighting. Therefore, for them, cultivation in open ground is possible even in the middle lane, and not only in the southern regions. In greenhouse and indoor conditions, it can be grown in any region of the country.


Usually, these tomatoes are consumed fresh, since they are not only able to decorate any salad with their appearance, but are also very tasty and rich in vitamins. Homemade preserves and pickles are also excellent. It is also possible to make juices and pastes, but because of the size of the fruit, they are rarely made.

With good conditions and proper care, this variety is capable of producing up to 3-4 kg. from one plant, with a planting scheme of 5 bushes per 1 sq. m. it turns out about 16-18 kg... This is a very good result for such a kid.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameYield
Pink pearl16-18 kg per square meter
Union 815-19 kg per square meter
Aurora F113-16 kg per square meter
Leopold3-4 kg per bush
Aphrodite F15-6 kg per bush
Kate15 kg per square meter
Explosion3 kg per bush
Crimson ringing18 kg per square meter
Grandma's gift6 kg per square meter
Crystal9.5-12 kg per square meter

Among the main advantages of this type of tomato are noted:

  • the ability to grow at home, on a windowsill or on a balcony;
  • resistance to lack of light;
  • good tolerance to temperature differences;
  • high immunity to diseases.

Among the disadvantages, it is often noted that branches can break off due to a bountiful harvest. The most important feature of this hybrid is that it can be grown at home. Its unpretentiousness to growing conditions and resistance to diseases can also be attributed to features.

Growing features

Growing the Pink Pearl is easy. Bush formation is not required. You can feed it with ordinary complex fertilizers, this species responds very well to them. The only thing is that if the branches bend strongly under the fruits, and they are literally sprinkled with them, then props may be required.

Diseases and pests

These tomatoes practically do not suffer from fungal diseases. The only thing to be wary of is diseases associated with improper care. To avoid such troubles, you need to regularly ventilate the room where your tomato grows and observe the watering and lighting regime.

From harmful insects can be exposed to melon aphids and thrips, the drug "Zubr" is successfully used against them. Medvedka and slugs can also do a lot of damage to these bushes. They are fought with by loosening the soil, and they also use dry mustard or hot ground pepper, diluted in water, a 10-liter spoon and water the soil around, the pest then enters.

When grown in small quantities on the balcony, no pest problems were noted. It is enough to wash the bushes every 5-10 days with soapy water, and then with warm water.

As you can see, "Pink Pearl" is a very good unpretentious variety and by choosing it, you can provide yourself and your loved ones with fresh tomatoes all year round, because it can be grown even on the balcony. Good luck and good harvests.

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