Does dichlorvos help with bedbugs? Overview of aerosols and sprays on the market

Does dichlorvos help with bedbugs? Overview of aerosols and sprays on the market

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When bedbugs appear in the apartment, it is very important do not tighten with their destruction. It must be remembered that these pests multiply very quickly, and therefore literally in a month the room will simply be teeming with them.

All funds can be divided into folk and chemical. The latter are widely represented in the insecticide market. These include a variety of aerosols and sprays. Their differences from each other are in the form and order of application.

Sprays and aerosols

Both sprays and aerosols are airborne agents that are sprayed in an infected room and act on the bug with air. At the same time, bug spray is usually a concentrated substance that you need before use. dilute with water. It can be sold in small bottles or cans.

Bed bug aerosols are ready-made preparations placed in disposable cans under pressure. Their use does not require any prior preparation.

Bed bug aerosols

"Raptor" - contains three active substances at once, thanks to which a high degree of damage is achieved. It is safe for animals and children. According to reviews, this tool gives good results only with a low degree of infection and abundant spraying.

Photo of aerosol Raptor:

"Clean House" - includes cypermethrin as an active ingredient. For children and animals, it is safe, however, if it enters the human body, it can cause poisoning. The effectiveness is confirmed by the reviews of people who were able to destroy all bedbugs with the help of the substance.

Aerosol photo Clean House:

"Combat" - is produced in two types: only for crawling insects, or for crawling and flying. It has a good smell, does not pose a danger to people.

Photo of aerosol Combat:

"Reid" is a universal preparation for fighting insects, it can also be used for bedbugs. Reviews report good efficacy with a small degree of infection. However, it has an unpleasant odor and stains.

Photo of Reid aerosol:

Dichlorvos Is a well-known and readily available aerosol. When processing, it is imperative to remove all people and animals from the premises. Many people often ask “Does Dichlorvos help with bedbugs? Is it possible to kill bedbugs with Dichlorvos? " Indeed, this tool does not always work effectively. Therefore, if Dichlorvos did not help you, pay attention to other sprays and aerosols.

Photo of aerosol Dichlorvos:

Bona forte - a preparation made from natural ingredients. It is almost odorless, so you can return to the apartment immediately after airing.

Photo of aerosol Bona Forte:

"Antiklop" - a substance based on three active ingredients. Non-toxic, remains effective for several months. According to reviews, it successfully destroys bedbugs.

Photo of aerosol Anticlops:

Bed bug sprays

A large number of sprays are for professional use only and cannot be found in stores.

"Executioner" - one of the most popular means, produced in Germany. It is distributed in small bottles - for a large apartment, 15-20 pieces may be needed.

Photo means Executioner:

"Tetrix" is an effective substance intended for professional use. One bottle is enough to treat two rooms. Possesses a very strong toxic odor, therefore, after use, the room must be thoroughly ventilated.

Photo of Tetrix:

"Cucaracha" is an analogue of "Tetrix", designed for independent use. Retained the unpleasant smell of its predecessor.

Photo means Cucaracha:

Get is a microcapsule product that works effectively for several weeks after application. In addition, one of the few has a contact effect against bugs running through it. Odorless.

Get photo:

"Sinuzan" - a professional substance reminiscent of "Tetrix". Highly effective, however, it also has a strong unpleasant odor.

Photo means Sinuzan:

Karbofos is a well-known drug against bedbugs. Available in the form of powder, concentrate, emulsion or ready-made product. Affects all types of insects, including eggs. Has an unpleasant odor that lasts for a long time.

Photo means Karbofos:


The most popular and affordable remedies for bedbugs are sprays and aerosols. They differ in the order of application - aerosols are placed in cans and are immediately ready for spraying, and the sprays must first be dissolved in water.

Many non-toxic safe for children and animals, however, ventilation after use is mandatory. Among aerosols, the most effective are "Clean House", "Reid", "Raptor". Sprays work best with "Executioner", Get.

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Below is a list of well-proven drugs (you can use it yourself):

  • Chalk Mashenka.
  • Sprays: Tsifox, Forsyth, Fufanon.

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