Sweet tomato heavyweight - description of the variety "Sugar pudovichok" from the Siberian Garden

Sweet tomato heavyweight - description of the variety

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Large-fruited tomatoes are ideal for harvesting (lecho, salads and sauces) and for fresh consumption. Sugar pudovic is one of these varieties. Its fruits are striking in their size, high taste and technical qualities.

In our article you will find a complete description of the variety, you can get acquainted with its main characteristics and cultivation features.

Tomato "Sugar Pudovichok": variety description

Variety nameSugar powder
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate variety
Ripening period110-115 days
The formFlat-round
Average weight of tomatoes500-600 grams
ApplicationFresh, for juice
Variety yield6-8 kg per plant
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceDisease resistant

The variety was bred by breeders of the Russian company Sibirskiy Sad, registered in 1999. The variety belongs to the indeterminate varieties for greenhouse and soil cultivation, as it is limited in growth. The height of the bush in the open field does not exceed 80 cm, and in the greenhouse "Sugar Pudovichok" can reach a height of 110 cm or more.

The bush does not have a stem, it is recommended to grow in two stems. With this formation, the fruits will be large, otherwise the yield may be reduced. The variety is mid-season - 110-115 days pass from the appearance of the first shoots to the mass ripening of fruits. Sugar pudovic is no more affected by crop-specific diseases than other tomatoes. When growing, it is important to pay attention to crop rotation and constantly monitor the condition of the leaves and fruits.

When grown in two stems, the yield of the variety is 6-8 kg per plant. With increased attention to agricultural technology, the yield can reach up to 10-12 kg per bush. The main advantage of Sugar Pudovitch is the high quality of the fruits, which are easy to transport and are versatile in their purpose.

There are not so many disadvantages of tomato, and they consist in a high bush height for indeterminate varieties, which is why a garter has to be used.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameYield
Sugar powder6-8 kg per plant
Aurora F113-16 kg per square meter
Leopold3-4 kg per bush
Union 815-19 kg per square meter
Red dome17 kg per square meter
Heavyweight of Siberia11-12 kg per square meter
Honey cream4 kg per square meter
Ob domes4-6 kg per bush
Marina Grove15-17 kg per square meter


  • When ripe, the fruits of Sugar Pudovic are red, flat-rounded, even.
  • The size of the fruits is large, the average weight of one tomato reaches 500-600 g.
  • The dry matter content is high.
  • There are more seed chambers than in small-fruited tomatoes, their number is on average about 3-4 pieces.
  • Seeds are few, small, without a pronounced protective membrane, easily separated from the pulp.

Due to the low amount of juice and high - solids, Sugar Puddle is perfect for preparing fresh salads and snacks, for preparations in the form of pasta or sauces, as well as for preserving salads.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Sugar powder500-600 grams
Yellow giant400 gram
Inseparable hearts600-800 grams
Gypsy100-180 grams
Marissa150-180 grams
Dusya red150-300 grams
Pink King300 grams
Black pear55-80 grams
Icicle Black80-100 grams

A photo

Below you will see a few photos of the Sugar Pudovichok tomato:

Care advice

The tomato is ideal for growing in mid-latitudes. It develops well and bears fruit in the Moscow region, Siberia and the Far East. In more northern regions, it is recommended to grow tomatoes in closed ground - film, polycarbonate or glass greenhouses.

The variety feels good even in adverse weather conditions, however, when growing it, it is necessary to monitor the ventilation of the bushes, as well as the fertility of the soil.

He also needs pinching. It is recommended to pluck out all stepchildren above the first branch, and at the time of fruit setting, remove the leaf blades located below them. The recommended planting density for a good harvest is 3 or 4 bushes per square meter.

Diseases and pests

The variety is moderately affected by late blight, mosaic and brown spot (in greenhouses). To prevent infection and spread of infection, it is recommended to carry out preventive treatments with Fitosporin, potassium permanganate and Polycarbacin.

Tomatoes of this variety are also affected by pests: spider mites, wireworms and garden scoops (caterpillars). You can get rid of pests using special traps, as well as insecticides. Folk remedies are also effective - infusions of wormwood or hot pepper.

"Sugar pudovichok" is able to surprise gardeners with its size and sweetness of the fruit. With special care, 8-10 bushes can satisfy the family's need for fresh fruit during the summer.

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