Beauty and refined taste: tomato varieties Yellow, Orange and Black icicles

Beauty and refined taste: tomato varieties Yellow, Orange and Black icicles

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Healthy, tasty and varied tomatoes are grown by gardeners. Today, not the usual varieties of tomatoes reign on the table - round and red, but black, yellow, orange and even purple fruits of the most diverse shapes.

Each of them has its own beneficial properties - the variety of colors is due to different substances contained in tomatoes, and each of them carries its own complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for our body.

Icicle tomatoes: variety description

Variety nameIcicle black, yellow, orange
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate variety
Ripening period90-110 days
The formStretched out with a spout
ColorBlack, yellow, orange
Average weight of tomatoesBlack fruits weigh 80-100 g, yellow - 150-180, orange from 100 to 200 g
Variety yieldup to 10 kg per bush
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceDisease resistant

Icicle black.

It is a mid-early variety with good yields and fruits with an exquisite taste. It belongs to the indeterminate type, the bush grows up to 2 m. The ripening period is from 90 to 110 days.

It grows equally well in open ground and under a film cover. Forms brushes after 9 sheets and then can form them even after 1 sheet. The brush bears 6-9 medium-sized fruits. It is necessary to form 3-4 stems.

The tomato tolerates bad weather well and is resistant to disease.

Hybrids of the same name are "Yellow Icicle" and "Orange Icicle". In fact, tomatoes of this shape can also be pink, cream and red.

"Black Icicle" was bred by a Ukrainian breeder. There is no variety under this name in the Russian State Register of Breeding Achievements.

Icicle yellow.

Indeterminate variety, giving a liana bush up to 3 m. This is a greenhouse tomato, although it can grow in open ground. In the greenhouse, it is allowed to grow, and in the open field, it is pinched to stop growth by about 1.7 m.

Forms brushes after 9 sheets, then after 2-3. On a brush up to 10 fruits. In the greenhouse, the tomato can bear fruit until the end of October. By the time of ripening, it belongs to the middle late, the growing season is 120 days. It is characterized by high productivity. It is the result of the work of Siberian breeders.

Icicle orange.

Medium early high-yielding tomato variety. It grows equally well in the greenhouse and in the open field.

Indeterminate tomato with a bush height of more than 2 m. It is necessary to form 2-3 stems. Up to 15 fruits grow on the brush.

Differs in long-term fruiting and good fruit weight - from 100 to 200 grams. The Orange Icicle owes its existence to Russian breeders. Has increased resistance to fungal diseases.

Description of fruits

Icicle varieties have the shape of an elongated cream with a small tip. Fruit color is brown, bright yellow and orange. They all have a rich sweet dessert flavor. Thanks to this taste, "Black Icicle" enjoys great love of the chefs of expensive restaurants and has great commercial potential.

Black fruits weigh 80-100 g, yellow - 150-180, orange from 100 to 200 g. All three varieties are distinguished by their meatiness, small chamber size and tolerate transportation and storage well.

The advantage is the uniform fruit size, which makes them ideal for canning whole fruits.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Labrador80-150 grams
Rio grande100-115 grams
Leopold80-100 grams
Orange Russian 117280 gram
President 2300 grams
Wild Rose300-350 grams
Yamal110-115 grams
Kate120-130 grams
The Tsar Bellup to 800 grams
Golden heart100-200 grams

Growing features

Since all three varieties are indeterminate, cultivation and care are about the same. "Icicles" are suitable for growing in any region under the film, and in the middle lane and in the south - in the open field. The yield of varieties is up to 10 kg of tomatoes from a bush. The term for planting seeds is late March - early April, planting in the ground in May. Harvesting from July to late October.

  • Bushes of all varieties require tying and pinching.
  • When forming in 1 stem, all stepsons are removed, in two - they remove all except one, which grows into a second full-fledged stem. Accordingly, a bush is also formed in 3-4 stems. If you do not remove the stepsons, the bush will go into the green mass, and the fruits are completely crushed.
  • Pinching should be done regularly, as stepchildren are formed constantly.

You should not use a tool to remove excess shoots; it is better to do this with your hands, making sure that the plant sap does not fall on them.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameYield
Inseparable hearts14-16 kg per square meter
Watermelon4.6-8 kg per square meter
Japanese crab5-7 kg per bush
Sugar powder6-12 kg per bush
Pink honey6 kg per bush
Ultra-ripe5 kg per square meter
Riddle20-22 kg per square meter
Miracle of the earth12-20 kg per square meter
Honey cream4 kgs sq.m
Red dome17 kg per square meter
King of the early10-12 kgs sq.m

Diseases and pests

All three varieties of "Icicles" - black, yellow and orange - are resistant to various rot, and yellow has increased resistance to late blight. In the event of fungal diseases, the affected fruits are removed first, then fungicides are applied. In the event of viral diseases, it is cheaper and more effective to remove and burn a single diseased plant. Serious measures with the use of special drugs must be taken if most or all of the plantation is affected.

Fruits of all varieties are excellent for whole-fruit canning. They are especially good for fresh consumption due to their unusual dessert taste. From "Orange Icicle" is a wonderful, unusual color ketchup. All grades are suitable for all types of workpieces.

Early ripeMid lateMedium early
Garden Pearlgold fishEm Champion
HurricaneRaspberry miracleSultan
Red RedMarket miracleLazy dream
Volgograd PinkDe Barao BlackNew product of Transnistria
HelenaDe Barao OrangeGiant Red
May roseDe Barao RedRussian soul
Super prizeHoney fireworksPulka

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