Why are bedbugs harmful and dangerous?

Why are bedbugs harmful and dangerous?

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Bed bugs are one of the most unpleasant parasitic insects that cause a lot of trouble to humans. Besides physical pain and itching from their bites, they can also be a source of various diseases.

These nocturnal bloodsuckers are causing a lot of trouble. They bite you and keep you awake. If there are a large number of them, a person can get up in the morning bitten from head to toe. The skin is unbearably itchy, covered with red spots.

If you are bitten by insects

These bites often cause allergic reactions. It is even possible to get anaphylactic shock and suffocation. The person begins to feel sick, the temperature may rise, which indicates an intoxication of the body. What are bed bug allergy symptoms?

  • redness of the skin;
  • severe burning;
  • itching;
  • rash on the body.

Why are bedbugs and their bites dangerous for humans? According to statistics, an allergic reaction to bedbug bites occurs in about 80% of people, especially children. The danger of bites lies not only in possible swelling, but also in scratching the bite sites. In this case, an infection can penetrate into the wounds, and cause suppuration of skin areas.

IMPORTANT! Take antihistamines and anti-itch ointments to relieve itching.

The consequences of a bed bug bite are not very pleasant. Such phenomena lead to lack of sleep, and, consequently, a violation of the psychological state of a person, loss of working capacity. This is especially dangerous for children, for whose normal growth and development a good night's rest is important. In addition, due to the tenderness of the child's skin, bites will likely lead to long-lasting wounds on the bite scratching meta.

Carriers of diseases dangerous to humans are not bugs?

What diseases do bed bugs carry? The answer to this question is controversial, as doctors are divided. Pathogens of many diseases are found in the blood of these insects:

  • tuberculosis;
  • typhoid fever;
  • tularemia;
  • Hepatitis B;
  • anthrax.

All these diseases enter the insect's body through the bite of a sick person along with his blood. However, according to doctors, there have been no cases of direct transmission of the virus from a sick person to a healthy person bitten by a bug. Although theoretically such a possibility still exists.

In addition to bites, human contact with bed bug secretions is dangerous. In their excrement, the hepatitis B virus can persist, once it enters the human body, it can develop, and the person will get sick.

IMPORTANT! Do not expect bloodsuckers to disappear from your home on their own.

They multiply at an incredible rate, which means that you are constantly risking your health.


Bed bug, its spread diseases, ways of spreading and whether it is dangerous to humans. In addition to the possibility of transmission of infections, bedbugs that have settled in your apartment can cause a lot of psychological problems. Who likes to go to bed every day, risking being bitten overnight.

Doctors note the occurrence of panic attacks in adults and the development of various phobias in children, provoked by pest bites. A person becomes aggressive, nervous, concentration of attention decreases. The harm of bedbugs to children is significant, they reduce academic performance, cannot sleep normally. In houses with bedbugs, there is a constantly tense psychological situation.

Living in such stress leads to the development of persistent depression in all family members. It is noticed that having settled in the bed of the spouses, the bugs bite only women with more delicate skin. The lady becomes irritable, which causes dissatisfaction with the spouse and misunderstanding on his part. Thus, a bug can cause the breakup of a married couple.

Can bedbugs carry HIV?

Why are house bugs dangerous? Doctors unequivocally deny the possibility of transmission of the HIV virus by the bites of bedbugs or other blood-sucking insects. This virus dies when placed in the external environment. Also, its death occurs inside an insect that has sucked infected blood, since it cannot live in an insect's body.

Scientists' studies have not revealed a single case of virus infection through a bug bite, even in areas of mass spread of the disease and a large number of insects. Moreover, if such an infection had occurred. AIDS would long ago have destroyed most of the world's population, spreading at a tremendous speed.

All these factors indicate that the bugs that have appeared in your home are subject to immediate destruction by any means and means.

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