How to properly breed a remedy for the Colorado Apache beetle?

How to properly breed a remedy for the Colorado Apache beetle?

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A unique and effective drug for fighting various kinds of pests - Apaches. This novelty is the development of Japanese scientists who added clothianidin to its composition.

This kind of substance first appeared on the territory of our country... It is with this unique supplement that you can count on 100% results.

We can say that the poison acts with lightning speed, since the pests located on the territory of Russia have not yet had time to adapt to such a substance.

Apaches are in demand all over the world... Its quality, effectiveness and durability have been proven through many tests carried out in laboratories worldwide.

Release form and composition

The drug Apache was developed by the manufacturer taking into account high safety standards, both for the environment and for the human body.

It is practically non-toxic, and copes well not only with the Colorado potato beetle, but also whitefly, aphids, etc.
The chemical composition of the drug has the form of water-dispersible granules and consists of clothianidin (500 grams per kilogram of the drug).

Mechanism of action

The drug has a triple action, namely:

  • intestinal;
  • contact;
  • translaminar.

The intestinal effect on the pest is the result of the ingress of poison into the body of the beetle through poisoned leaves and its death. Contact action puts the poison directly on the body of the pest, after which, within thirty minutes, he dies.

The translaminar action is the ingestion of the drug on the leaves and stems of the plant, which perfectly absorb it, thereby triggering the process of direct protection of the plant itself.

The drug is not harmful to the plantation at all and is distinguished by a long-term level of protection (it is not washed off by rain).

Preparation of the solution

If you need to carry out manipulations directly on the territory of the economic site, it will be enough to purchase a container of 2.5 grams, but if you need to process the production fields, then buy packaging for two hundred and fifty grams (the drug is used in proportion to the size of the site).

To start the spraying process, you need to properly dilute the poison from the Colorado Apache beetle. To do this, you need a container with a capacity of one liter and one sachet of the drug. Empty the bag and stir.

After every two hundred milliliters, dilute in ten liters of water. It is important to remember that you need to use the poison on the same day you prepared it.


Spraying is necessary early in the morning or in the evening.... Perform this process in calm weather, so that the spray of the drug does not fall on body parts and neighboring plants.

Security must be at the level... Change into clothing that covers your entire body, protect your eyes with goggles, and wear gloves and a respirator. During spraying, it is forbidden to eat, drink and buy, so that particles of the poison do not enter your body.

After you have finished spraying, wash your hands with soap, rinse your mouth and change your clothes. Maintain a waiting period of three weeks after plant treatment.

The Japanese drug Apache is able to protect your crop from pests. This is a unique drug that has no analogues. Its advantages are practicality, quality of action, optimal price and wide availability.

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