We fight the Colorado potato beetle with mustard!

We fight the Colorado potato beetle with mustard!

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You don't have to kill the Colorado potato beetle to rid your potatoes and eggplants.

Quite possibly just scare away insects.

Ordinary mustard powder will help with this., the taste and smell of which the gluttonous pest absolutely cannot stand.

General information

Almost a universal folk remedy. It works effectively not only against the Colorado potato beetles.but also many other pests.

These include all varieties of moths, wireworms, suckers, aphids, slugs, herbivorous mites, cabbage and carrot flies.

Wherein mustard is absolutely harmless to the environment and most of its inhabitants.

Release form

Dry powder, packed in paper or plastic bags. Weight may vary.

Chemical composition

Mustard seeds ground to a dust consistency. They contain flavonoids and essential oilwith a pungent characteristic odor.

Mechanism and duration of action

How to poison the Colorado potato beetle with mustard? You need to know that mustard is by no means does not kill pests... Its action is based on an unpleasant smell for insects, which acts as a repellent.

In addition, gnawing Colorado beetles and their larvae Leaves treated with bitter and pungent mustard are not to taste.

They try to find food that tastes better, smelling familiar and favorite flavors.

How to get rid of a pest? If you sow mustard between the rows of potatoes, the plants will be able to scare away the wireworm and Colorado potato beetle larvae, while creating wonderful conditions for the life of earthworms.

Under favorable weather conditions, mustard can actively work for quite a long time. The service life is guaranteed to be up to 4 days.

Compatibility with other drugs

Mustard powder can be combined with almost any chemical, biological and folk remedies.

It is inappropriate to use mustard with preparations that lure plant pests with their smell.

You can find out more information about the best folk remedies for fighting the Colorado potato beetle in a separate material.

When to apply?

Mustard powder and solution should not be used before and during rain or hail, in conditions of high humidity in the form of fogs, heavy dews, after heavy rain.

Also there should be no windespecially strong. The activity of the sun does not matter.

It is recommended to use mustard in the morning or afternoon, while the larvae and beetles are briskly feeding.

How to prepare the solution?

Several options for the solution are possible (we observe the proportions!):

  1. The recipe is simple: 2-3 heaped tablespoons of powder top up with cool water (1-2 l) and leave alone for 2 days to get the infusion. Then the mixture is poured into a bucket with 8 liters of water, stirred well until a homogeneous solution is obtained.
  2. To speed up cooking mustard powder can be brewed in boiling water... Then the solution can be used after a day.
  3. Suspension preparation requires double the amount of mustard (5-6 tablespoons). How much is a gram: approximately 100-120 g.

Before using any of the prepared options is filtered using a bandage or gauze, folded several times. Used immediately.

To increase efficiency mustard solution can be added:

  • about 50 g of laundry soap. It must be completely dissolved in water. Add immediately before use;
  • vinegar 9% concentration - 100-150 ml. It enhances repellent properties (how to use table vinegar against the Colorado potato beetle?).

Mode of application

The fight against the Colorado potato beetle includes whole 3 techniques for using mustard powder:

  1. Spraying potatoes. With a filtered solution spray the ground parts of the affected plants, very thoroughly and evenly wetting all accessible surfaces. The solution should not run down to the ground. Lipophilicity can be increased by adding liquid soap (20-30 ml).
  2. Spilling soil. More concentrated suspension shedding soil under bushes and between rows... In this way, several birds with one stone are killed at once - they get rid of beetles and larvae, drive out the wireworm and possible naked slugs.
  3. Potato processing (dusting) with dry powder... They process not only bushes of plants, but also the soil around.


A completely harmless product that does not harm people, animals, insects and birds.

Dry mustard does not accumulate in plants and soil.

Absolutely safe for beneficial insects and the environment.

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