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Sale of fruit plants

Sale of fruit plants

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Sale of fruit plants

Browsing the internet, we can discover an immense variety of sites that deal with the sale of fruit plants of any quality and requirement, products and materials that allow us to take care of our plants. Among the vast selection of products for sale we can find fruit plants including: citrus fruits, apricot trees, apple trees, pear trees, persimmons, dwarf fruits, table grapes and not, table and oil olives, strawberries, cherries, figs, kiwi, berries and many other qualities.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are very important fruits as regards the intake of vitamins and the antioxidant function they perform. The varieties we can find and buy on the net are: typed cedar, Calabrese chinotto, fortunella japonica, Tahitian lime, lemon with red skin and lunar lemon.

Apricot trees

The innumerable types of this plant that we can find by browsing the net, on specific sites are: Berber apricot, the rouge tardif delbard, apricot nymph, paviot, royal apricot of Imola, apricot tros oranje, the beautiful venosta, nano autofertile, pisana , polonais, the apricot rustique des pyrenйes and finally the apricot valleggia.

Cherry trees

The plant, whose fruit gives goodness and offers its sweet taste by the time it arrives in the spring, we can easily buy it on the net choosing from countless varieties including: low stem cherry, light blue, kordia durone, Piedmont black marasca, sweet heart, bigarreau de la Saint Jean, sunburst, white, bigalie, bigarreau burlat, black durone cherry from Vignola III and cherry New star.


Figs produce an inflorescence that we confuse with fruits, figs, a much loved, sweet food that we can taste in September. On the internet we can buy all the varieties that are right for us, by looking at the images of each of them in order to get an idea about our purchase. Among the main varieties of figs we can buy: fig panachйe, white brogiotto, white and black colummaro, the fig fig, white fig, eggplant fig, the red fig of Trani and many other varieties.


From May to September, according to the climate, we can taste the magnificent and sweet fruit of strawberries. Among the main varieties we can plant one of the following easily traceable varieties on the net in our small vegetable garden: bare root anabelle strawberry, anablanca, mara de bois, charlotte, wild strawberry and climbing strawberry.

Dwarf fruits

In the section of this type of plants, we mean all those that do not have a majestic growth but are still able to give us tasty fruits. Analyzing the various sites we can buy among the many varieties: the autofertile dwarf apricot, the low-trunk cherry tree, the columnar apple tree amboise and Versailles and villandry, the dwarf apple tree, dwarf pear tree, peach nano bonanza and peach nut nano nectarella.

Traditional or unusual fruits

Among the traditional fruit plants on the internet we can also find those with unusual fruits. The asimina triloba, the Italian white and the red of Italy, the chestnut bouche de betizac, the strawberry tree, graft feijoa, both white and black mulberry and blood milk, Chinese jujube, goumi of Japan, yellow and red guava, hovenia dulcis and pomegranate horse tooth.


If for this autumn we want to enjoy the fantastic fruits of the khaki plant, we can buy one or more on the net, among the following varieties offered by many sites: vanilla kaki, chocolate khaki, apple khaki, khaki bulb and lycopersicon.


Typically exotic plant that today, thanks to the climate, we can grow in our soils subject to not too cold temperatures. Among the innumerable varieties on the net we can buy: witty kiwi issai and red, kiwi hayward, kiwi jenny, kiwi belen, soreli and tomuri.


Apples are typical of northern Italy but not only, we can buy the variety that we most desire also thanks to the advice we can ask the various sellers, in the exact section of each website. Variety: almaty apple with red flesh, jumbo apple, ox snout, ariane, amboise and Versailles columnar apple and villandry, quince apple, divine delbard apple, delbard blue and jubilé apple tree, gava apple tree, lemon and queen apple of the renette.

Walnuts, hazelnuts and almond trees

Other fruit plants that can be enjoyed in autumn are walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Varieties: sweet almond thunder, sweet almond shell, sweet round hazelnut from the Langhe, walnut grafted from Sorrento, walnut grafted lara and walnut pecan.

Table olive trees

Tender olive from Ascoli, big olive from Spain, picholine olive, Taggiasca olive and the sweet holga olive tree.

Olive oil

These plants give a fruit that must be used exclusively for the production of olive oil. Among the qualities we can buy online we have: olive oil mill, olive leccino, olive moraiolo, pendolino, picholine and the Taggiasca olive tree.

For the

Nashi, Williams red pear, Fiorano precocious, angelica, cocomerina or briaca pear, quince pear or muscatel pear, palabirne pear or carpi spine and finally the William pear tree. It is useful to remember that these are only some varieties of pear that we can find by analyzing the various offers on the internet.

Fish and nectarines

The peach tree, a plant that gives us a fruit with a velvety skin and a very sweet pulp is soft, it is a plant that we can easily buy on the internet and choosing from the varieties that the companies offer, including: peach tree jalousia, sanguine de savoie , snuffbox, clear, red iris, peach nut maria Aurelia, peach percoca Federica, androse, September, des vergers and many other qualities.


Susincocco, plum angeleno, plum thigh of nun, plum damaschina. These are just some varieties of plum trees that we can safely buy online, from the various sites that deal with these products. Finishing it is useful to know that all these products can be easily purchased online and with security; through the photos of the various products we will be able to choose the variety of fruit plant that is right for us, among those previously mentioned and the remaining ones present in the following sections.