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Garden items

Taking care of your garden is a passion that can repay you with great satisfaction since it gives us a livable environment, pleasant for most of the year and of great added value for our property.
Like all passions, however, it must be cultivated day after day, experiencing its mistakes as a beginner and trying to have all the equipment suitable for our purpose. In fact, taking care of a garden can also be a financial commitment, not least, since it requires continuous interventions through specific equipment and products: it must therefore be calculated that our commitment will not only require time but also specific purchases.
Garden items range between different classes and also between different price ranges depending on whether they are articles for furnishing, for sowing, for mowing, for plant care, for floors or for plants of lighting.
Obviously the basic articles must be those aimed at keeping the turf in good condition, an indispensable element for creating a real green living space, in addition to those for the care of any plants present.
Then there are a whole series of functional elements that must be considered only if the size of the area is sufficiently generous and suitable for their inclusion: swimming pools, reception gazebos, fountains, ponds and even stone sinks. Once acquired the necessary manual skills with garden plants and with the seasonality of the interventions to be performed on them and on the turf, an adequate experience can be achieved to keep one's garden in good condition and all the components that are part of it. .

Products for garden maintenance and care

These products should never be lacking since they are indispensable for the health of your green area. In this sector we find fertilizers for potted plants, for flowers in beds and for plants in full earth: fertilizer products should be used monthly and with regularity to ensure good health of both the land and the plants. Then we have the natural soil to practice the annual repottings of the flowers and the pine bark to cover possible rock gardens, the packages of seeds for the grass, the compost to fertilize the lawn and keep the land rich in trace elements. For any forms of plant parasites and weeds, it is always best to obtain the specific pesticides and herbicides present at specialized sales points, taking care to use these substances with great caution.
For periodic shearing of the grass it is then necessary to purchase a machine that can be a petrol or electric one depending on the amount of surface to be treated. The cuts will be very frequent especially during the spring and summer and it could be necessary a periodic revision of the vehicle so that it can work correctly for several years.
In the tool shed of each skilled gardener you can never miss the most used tools such as shears, rakes, hedge shears, an edge cutter and even a chainsaw if there is a large amount of fruit trees and not to be treated.

Functional decorative elements and accessories

Everyone can freely indulge in the furniture of their garden, giving free rein to their creativity and tastes.
You can choose planters and pot holders with special patterns and geometric shapes, have a lighting system installed to bring out some suggestive area in particular, insert a small inflatable pool to entertain children during the summer, choose statues to put in the flowerbeds or near the lampposts and create suggestive borders with bricks or stones.
The articles that will be most useful and pleasant to use will obviously be those concerning the furnishings of the garden itself and therefore chairs, tables, barbecues, sun loungers and umbrellas.
The external area must also be adequately fenced in order to create a pleasant feeling of intimacy and privacy, and this can be achieved using bamboo or raffia shades.

Garden items: Other things we can put in the garden

The green area of ​​the house can also be used to place a pretty wooden toolbox that will repair work tools from atmospheric agents but it can also be useful to create a greenhouse for storing potted plants that would suffer from winter cold.
We could also choose an isolated corner of the garden to create a composting area where we can produce the compost that is useful for fertilizing the soil and plants autonomously and totally ecologically, thus avoiding the purchase of expensive and often environmentally damaging synthetic products.
Garden items are therefore numerous and can help us develop a very nice and relaxing part of the house, where we can isolate ourselves from the outside world or where we can set up joyful banquets with our friends, happy to show the results of our hobby that can often turn into a true passion cultivated daily.