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Pruning cacti

Pruning cacti

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Question: Pruning cacti

Pruning of a cacti 2 meters high:

Answer: Pruning cacti

Dear Reader,
in order to answer his question about pruning the cactus it is necessary to know the species of his cactus; in fact apart from the opuntie, which produce drums divided into articles, and which are therefore easy to prune, as it is sufficient to remove the most foreign articles to decrease the size of the plant; as for the other cacti, pruning can lead to completely ruining the aesthetics of the plant.
In most cases the very large cacti have a columnar bearing, poorly branched; any branches can be removed at the base, and also used as cuttings.
If, on the other hand, we proceed by removing the tip of the stems of a cactaceae, we will surely produce a large scar, which will remain permanent on the plant. Over the years the plant could then sprout right on the edges of this scar, producing new branches.
To better indicate how to proceed, it is therefore necessary to know the kind of cactacea that you want to prune, or at least have a photo of it.