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Dried hydrangea flowers

Drying phase

The suitable period is autumn, in this season in fact, the flowers are not yet withered and occur at the apex of flowering. The procedure is simple, it is necessary to sever the branch of net using a sharp instrument, it is advisable to use a pair of scissors to ensure a perfect cut. It is useful to cut the branches during a sunny day, the presence of frost or water could cause mold in the drying process.
The length of the branch must be equal to 20/30 centimeters and it is important to note that the leaves are thrown away. Branches should be gathered in groups of 3/4. Each group will form a small bundle that should be tied preferably with an elastic band. This is an important aspect because each bunch must be hung up in the dark for a period ranging from 2/4 weeks, at the discretion of the effect you want to achieve. The longer the drying period, the better the result, given the total disappearance of the water in the corollas. During this phase the branches will tend to lose their tonicity becoming thinner in their diameter and for this reason to tie them with a simple string or tape would risk not to guarantee the stability of the hanging branches, which could in turn slip, separating from the deck thus ruining the composition created.

Alternative procedure

Not all varieties of Hydrangea flowers lend themselves to this method of drying. In particular, the Arborescens Annabelle needs a different procedure. It is useful to dip the branches in a vase, previously filled with a small amount of water. When the white of the petals begins to take on an acid green color, it is necessary to cut the branches, preserving only the flowers that can then be used as pleasant floral decorations in wicker or chestnut baskets.

The florist's secrets

The best compositions of dried flowers are those created with white, purple and blue hydrangeas because they do not have obvious color alterations that could make the flower look ugly after drying. Pink hydrangeas, on the other hand, tend to change color which would surely not make your composition aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Florists often manage to change the color by a few shades thanks to an easy-to-do and, above all, inexpensive arrangement.
The secret is to add half a glass of red wine to water. When the color begins to lose its brilliance and the flowers turn the corollas downwards, it will be necessary to proceed with the drying. It is advisable to cut the previously cut stem by 1 cm, so that the presence of the wine does not create bad odors and does not attract unwelcome parasites, attracted by its essence. If your choice is aimed at plants with blue petals, you could increase the intensity of their color by adding a handful of aluminum or iron sulfate to the water in the vase.

Dried hydrangea flowers: How to adorn the flower arrangement

The hydrangeas are delicate flowers, with many colors and the right liveliness, they will surely give good taste to your homes and amaze those who can admire them. In order that your dried flower composition can be enhanced to the fullest, you can add some colored branches to the creation, especially if they are pastel colored, they tend to maintain a delicate and elegant appearance without unnecessary combinations that could make your composition tacky. The apricot-colored satin ribbon is another recommended decoration element, thanks to its color it creates a fascinating combination with white flowers and an effective contrast with the blue ones, therefore usable in the presence of different shades. For dried flowers you can also add lotus flower fruits, thus achieving a guaranteed creative success that will leave your guests amazed.
In the autumn season the chestnut curls are a valid decorative combination if combined with a cloth created by the brown jute sack, used to wrap your hydrangea bouquet and make it suitable for the season.
To give your lit fireplace an even more welcoming effect, you can create some small bundles with dry branches, which you can gather in the garden or obtain from previous prunings. To tie it all together you can use beige-colored raffia threads, give a brush-like paint to the branches, collect these in small bundles as written above and between one space and another of the sticks, you can set the various bunches of hydrangeas enriching them with pine needles and seasonal berries. A great way also recommended during the Christmas holidays.