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Artificial plants and flowers

Artificial plants and flowers

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Artificial flowers

Beautifying the house with flowers is also a starting point to furnish in an alternative way. The flowers give warmth, revive, bring joy to the environment and especially if used wisely and with a touch of skill, they give our apartment a fascinating design. While the fresh flowers unfortunately dry soon and in any case even if planted in pots they need extreme care, we can opt for the artificial ones that if they really reflect the real ones, give a touch of elegance to the whole house. However, it is advisable to buy artificial flowers from companies that produce them with quality fabrics and plastic of excellent material otherwise you risk creating poorly finished environments because an artificial flower that does not offer that sense of reality, from an unpleasant feeling, plus flowers approach the botanical reality and will have more style and finesse. Unfortunately, there are artificial varieties on the market that have low prices but are of undoubted origin and besides not being aesthetically beautiful, they also emit an unpleasant smell due to the waste material and the poor quality plastic with which they are produced.

Where to buy artificial flowers and plants

Everywhere you can buy artificial flowers and plants. You can make the purchase in specialized shops but also online. The malls in the floral department sell both fresh and fake flowers and the choice is really varied, there is only the problem that you have to be careful about the quality of the fabric and the plastic with which they were made. A true artificial flower, it owes its beauty to the accurate finishing, to the well assembled petals, to the carefully delineated leaves and to the veins of the leaves, similar to the real ones. The fabrics with which the types of flowers were created must be organza, veil or silk provided by the best fabric companies on the market. The manufacture must be manual, strictly carried out by master craftsmen. Only in this way can a flower reflect reality and give a touch of elegance to the place where it is placed. Some companies treat materials that are somewhat out of the ordinary and process flowers with precious fabrics such as San Leucio silk or materials such as leather and have state-of-the-art machinery that modern technology has made ever more effective and advanced. In addition, these flowers are finished by hand by precise craftsmen who, with painstaking patience, enrich them with details. Some of these elements end up on the clothing market and are used to adorn prestigious clothes worn by celebrities and show business people. Those less elaborate, are resold to the specialized shops that sell them to the public.

Decorate with artificial flowers and plants

The compositions of artificial plants and flowers on the market, are many and all very beautiful aesthetically. An artificial plant placed in an entrance of a house, it is the ideal way to welcome those who enter our house as a plant at the entrance of a shop is the best way to welcome customers. But artificial plants and flowers do not stop at common bunches and their multiplicity of expression is truly varied and superb. There are cascading flower compositions that are very elegant. There are people who even decorate the grids of their terrace with artificial flowers with fibers resistant to all atmospheric temperatures, so they are true. The orchids appear in all their splendor and the climbing ivy, faithfully reflects the real one because it has veins that look very much like the real ones. Even a rustic fireplace can be embellished with a garland of flowers and especially if chosen according to the style of the house, the latter becomes an accessory that enters in perfect symbiosis with all the interior decor. Many times floral arrangements become furnishing accessories in those rooms where it is not possible to give light differently. The flowers enliven the environment, if arranged with mastery and are able to be effective like a light point. A simple table is enriched and the floral composition becomes a suggestive and indispensable element.

How to create your own compositions with artificial flowers

Even on our own we can create nice and true flower arrangements without spending on expensive wreaths or waterfalls. We must have items such as hot glue gun, filling stones, scissors, shears, green sponge for flowers, wire mesh, ribbons, raffia and of course a good quantity of artificial flowers that we will buy. We put the florist sponge wrapped in the net in a vase and then we can proceed to the composition as it pleases us. The important thing is to start from the center of the vase with longer stem flowers and then insert the other flowers all around until it is completely filled. of the vase. We can also give vent to all our imagination, using in the empty spaces, decorative filling stones or ribbons or other types of decorations. We will create funny jars of floral compositions, corresponding to the botanical ones existing in nature and we will be able to cheer up, shelves, empty seats on desks, small pieces of furniture or kitchen furniture.

Plants and artificial flowers: How to clean flowers and artificial plants

Although of artificial manufacture, artificial flowers need to be cleaned and dusted from time to time. The process is very simple. The compositions can be dusted by passing over them, the warm or cold jet of a hair dryer. If we want to wash the compositions because they are perhaps blackened by smog or steam from the kitchen, we prepare a solution with water and a liquid degreaser and with a soft sponge, we at least lend the largest leaves. Dip a second sponge in a basin with clean water and pass it on the leaves of the plants and where possible on the flowers. Finally we pass the warm jet of a hair dryer on all the elements. As for the artificial flowers that we keep loose and free in the jars, the process is slightly different. We prepare a large bowl with warm water and neutral soap. We shake the water with our hands and immerse the flowers in the solution. Leave them to soak for half an hour and then pass them in another container with warm lukewarm water to rinse them. After these two operations still dripping with water, we gather the flowers with a thread of raffia and put them upside down to remove the excess water, directly on the tub or in the shower. Let's finally pass them on the balcony not directly exposed to sunlight but in a place in dim light and well ventilated. Once dry, we can put the flowers back into the vase.