Mother tincture dosage

Mother tincture dosage

The mother tincture is a preparation of herbal medicine, usually liquid, the process derives from the extraction of the plant, or parts of it, such as roots, leaves or flowers, through a process of maceration with the action of alcohol, which carries out it also works as a natural preservative. The part of the plant chosen, obviously fresh, is put into a pulp mill with water and ethyl alcohol, then, after twenty-one days, the preparation is cleaned through the filtering process, then the preparation is placed in a container to rest, the time taken is about forty-eight hours, in the dark and then bottled. The bottles that contain these preparations, are distributed in 50 ml formats, are dark in color, this to avoid altering the contents, the sale price fluctuates between about 10 euros, everything is preserved for about five years. Almost all plants can be found on the market, which obviously contain active ingredients recognized by natural medicine. The mother tinctures, found in herbal medicine, food stores and pharmacies, belong to the alcoholic family and are also called hydro-alcoholic extracts. The extraction process may not make the product appear to be widely used, since it is not suitable for children, people with liver diseases and people who have problems with alcohol. With the word posology instead it usually means the dose of preparation to be taken according to the disorder, for example for the adult it may be appropriate to take between fifty drops, divided into three times during the day. While for adolescents and the elderly between 10 and 20 drops, and even less for very young children, less than 10 drops per day. We remind that it is always recommended to take the diluted extract in a glass of water. We see below some mother tinctures used for some minor ailments! Always beware of DIY, for persistent discomfort consult your doctor!

The mother tincture of hypericum

The Hypericum is a plant, which is commonly called the plant of St. John, it contains active ingredients such as caffeic acid, flavonoids, tannins, essential oil etc. All mood stimulators that allow to carry out an important action for those suffering from small states of anxiety related to an important event, an exam, a sports competition and so on.
It should be remembered that the hypericum mother tincture has side effects, it contains the plant's photo sensitivity, therefore exposure to the sun is not recommended when taking the substance. The correct use, which concerns both the dosage and the methodology of intake, that is, the recommended dose fluctuates between ten and fifty drops, to be precise, the administration can be divided into three moments of the day for example breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is advisable to extend the treatment for a maximum of two months! Hypericum in the form of mother tincture, we recall that it produces beneficial effects on all those states caused by depression, such as tachycardia, agitation and anxiety.

Mother tincture of pilosella

The pilosella is a plant that has small orange flowers, has extraordinary diuretic and draining properties, also called the natural antibiotic! The active ingredient that carries out the antibiotic action is certainly due to the polyphenols. Also present are triterpenes and curarine, which perform a perfect astringent and anti-inflammatory action. Usually this mother tincture is used to treat both weight problems, water retention, but also kidney disease and bladder problems. This plant also cures diseases related to the intestinal apparatus, for example, can prevent attacks of diarrhea. The mother tincture is used a great deal in slimming treatments, in order to fight acne, in fact, it also has astringent and anti-haemorrhagic properties, remember finally that it greatly stimulates diuresis and therefore purifies the organism. As explained for the mother tincture of hypericum also that of pilosella should be taken three, times a day, the recommended dose is about forty drops, which however unlike the other dyes, must be taken strictly a half hour before meals, maybe thirty drops before lunch, and it is not recommended to take during the night because it can cause the sensation of having to urinate during sleep.

Dandelion mother tincture

The mother tincture of Tarassaco derives from a plant widespread even on our peninsula, which grows wild and resists high temperatures, is perhaps best known by other names, such as: Dente di Leone, Soffione and Cicata Matta. The color of the flowers is usually yellow. The root of the following plant is also important, having a high nutritional value. The mother tincture is used to fight free radicals, depurative, laxative and diuretic properties. The intake of this mother tincture is more limited, it is around thirty drops per day. There are no particular indications that the generic rule of three times in a day applies and it is always advised to dilute the whole in a glass of water. Do not forget that for all herbal, flower and plant treatments it is always advised to consult a doctor.