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Furnish with plants

Furnish with plants

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Furnish with plants

Very useful furnishing accessories, the plants are useful to decorate the rooms without resorting to restyling projects with exaggerated prices. They give light, can perfectly replace paintings and furnishings, purify the air and give an absolute feeling of well-being. Our creativity and our inspiration, can always help us with the use of wonderful plants, to create natural corners of a certain value even using special vases or recycled elements such as old bicycles, old-fashioned vases and even old shoes. The furnishing magazines and the web, offer us very interesting ideas to decorate with a pinch of imagination so a simple passion, it becomes a concrete way to coordinate everything with diligent creative spirit by setting up real spaces where the green becomes the undisputed master. Even the constant wandering through flea markets can give us the idea to renovate an environment by making it original with the use of objects of artisan value and particular design.

Set up a wall with plants

A really special way to embellish a room with plants is to set up a wall dedicated only to greenery. It is possible to do this by placing wooden shelves that will be placed in descending order starting from the top down. The success is assured because by placing plant pots wisely chosen and arranged in a creative way, a relevant scenic effect will be obtained. But this is not the only method to beautify the wall, in fact there are ventilated walls and green roofs to which you can adapt floral compositions and also a sort of vertical gardens that are equipped with a vegetable substrate suitable for optimizing water consumption . Modern technology as far as plants are concerned is giving its best and for years, through specific studies and research, we try to create increasingly valid and efficient supports that make a room special. These structures, which can be adapted to any type of wall, offer the possibility of embellishing any context that is not only private but also commercial. As a practical example, a shopping center can be seen embellished in this sense or even a simple shop of any kind. At the entrance or even inside it, you can safely use these supports where climbing plants or succulents can find a home decorating the wall in a highly scenic manner.

Furnish with vegetable tables

Also in this field, we find a very wide choice of vegetable paintings to be placed on structures of any material. They are supports to be placed under tables with a glass or tempered glass base which, being equipped with a level indicator, offer the possibility of arranging the irrigation of the plants with a frequency that is regulated by a timer. Very striking and pleasing, these vegetable tables represent an innovative choice for an unusual and out of the ordinary furnishing and turn out to be furnishing accessories to be placed in any environment regardless of the style of the furniture. Of great aesthetic value, the table with a vegetable framework is an element that is made even more prestigious by the choice of plants that are adapted to each room. Suffice it to say that these elements are also found in the halls of important hotels and conference halls, and the plants are assembled by skilled florists who use blocks of stone to simulate rocks from which plants of all kinds emerge. The environment in which the table is placed becomes truly green and not only gives a noticeable aesthetic contribution but also regenerates the environment, cleaning it of toxic substances, thanks to the action of natural photosynthesis.

Furnish with recycled objects

With a lot of imagination and a little bit of flair, it is possible to decorate with reasonable prices, using elements that would otherwise only be thrown away. It is important to take a tour in those flea markets where old objects can be bought and modernized with skill. Fans of the art of DIY, know that even an element ruined and worn by time, can become new and shining with an effective sanding and a coat of nail polish. If then we place a hanging plant or a vase of colored flowers on this element, we will obtain an amazing result. The rusticity that gives this mating, is truly unique because the symbiosis with which objects interact with plants, reaches fullness, especially if you can give a touch of class to a room or to a dark and sad corner of a flat. An old wheelbarrow, for example, properly sanded and repainted with cheerful colors, can become an ideal support for seasonal flower pots. Placed in a corner of a room with multicolored flowers, it enlivens the environment and makes it pleasant and bright. When the flowers dry out not because of your neglect, but because their time is up, they can very well be replaced with other houseplants. In this way you will have a green corner always at the top, always fresh and always current. Lately the fashion to furnish the house with jars stuffed in old walking boots was born. Put on a small flowered vase in a boot or an ankle boot and attach it to the wall along with other elements of the same type. You will come to create a very pleasant aerial effect. If you like to decorate the kitchen with colored jars, you can place aromatic plants such as lavender, sage or basil in nice and colorful containers. If instead you want to furnish in a useful way making the environment graceful, you can do so by planting in colored pots or in special containers, plants such as the Dracena, Gerbera or Chlorophytum. The latter not only cheer up the environment but release it from smoke, harmful substances and unpleasant smells. You can locate these plants in the bathroom or kitchen where they can live without fear of their health. According to the Ikebana method which is a Japanese technique, the house can also be furnished with bouquets of dried flowers. The environment will be modern and minimalist with the use of these floral compositions, but at the same time you will get a noticeable touch of elegance.