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Garden furniture

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The garden furniture is the essential furniture to decorate this corner of the house so much used by all the family members; garden furniture includes a wide range of objects, not just chairs or tables, but entire living rooms, suitable for any need and every taste; as for the living rooms, it is possible to find on the market of all types and different colors, which adapt to the design and furnishing of the house, to make the moments spent in the garden unforgettable. The garden lounges include chairs with tables and sofas or even with armchairs, to literally transfer home habits from the inside to the outside of the house. Garden furniture also includes single units, such as armchairs and coffee tables, designed for relaxing moments with family and friends or for moments of solitary meditation. Usually you think that garden furniture includes only chairs and tables, but in reality there is a wide range of furnishing accessories, among which stand out first of all the benches, very used for moments of conversation, especially when there are many and single chairs are not enough; the deck chairs, useful for resting during the summer days and also for enjoying the shade that the trees offer; garden furniture also includes benches and simple trunks, used to store clothing or accessories that do not have space in the house and which can be hidden in the garden in these characteristic trunks, which give the garden an edge. The garden furniture also includes folding beds that are widely used for sunbathing and sunbathing in summer, breathing in the healthy air of the garden; It is also possible to place hammocks and swings in the garden, which represent the joy of children, since they love to swing in the sun but stay safely in their own garden. Very attractive and useful are also the umbrellas, gazebos and pergolas, which constitute a real shelter both from the sun and from a sudden downpour and allow you to use garden spaces or terraces too exposed to sunlight, moreover, it is possible choose from a wide range of models to buy the one that best suits your personal needs.


There are many materials used for the construction of garden furniture, in order to give each customer the possibility to choose the best and most suitable material for furnishing and their own tastes; the most used material for garden furniture is surely wood, a material that is always in fashion that gives the environment in which it is inserted, a classic and elegant touch and, moreover, it is an eco-sustainable material, with zero impact, since it stores carbon dioxide and helps the environment to be cleaner and, when its function is exhausted, it is easy to dispose of without environmental consequences. This material does not need to be treated with chemical agents during its installation and processing, since it is a natural material and manages to keep its properties unaltered through regular maintenance. The wood that makes up the garden furniture is very solid, in fact solid wood is often used, that is taken directly from the trunk of the tree and therefore more stable and lasting over time; It is a very elastic and resistant material, in fact the wooden garden furniture has a long life. The ductility of wood allows this material to be used for any type of garden furniture, which can be decorated with special designs and inlays, according to personal tastes, to personalize the garden and make it truly unique. Synthetic fiber is widely used, which gives charm and elegance to the garden, since it is very similar to wicker but more resistant, since synthetic fibers for garden furniture do not fear humidity and are very durable over time; they are also available in different colors and adapt perfectly to the natural context. Another material widely used for the construction of garden furniture is PVC, a recently used material, but which is already taking place within the real estate and commercial market, thanks to its multiple qualities; first of all PVC is very robust and solid, in fact it gives garden furniture solidity and durability, since being a material derived from petroleum, it does not fear acid attacks and resists atmospheric agents that often weaken garden furniture. PVC, despite being derived from oil, is in any case a material that respects the environment, because it is highly recyclable and can be used for the production of new furniture; It is a hydrophobic material, since it does not fear humidity and any type of liquid, it is ductile and manageable, very light and can take any shape or color, adapting completely to the environment in which it is inserted. PVC garden furniture does not require excessive maintenance, just clean it regularly with a damp cloth, without using any products. Finally, another material used to build garden furniture is steel, which gives the furniture more slender and less heavy profiles, giving strength and solidity over time; thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, steel does not rust over time, despite the fact that garden furniture is constantly exposed to atmospheric agents and this reduces maintenance and increases the durability of the furniture. It is a totally recyclable material, helping the environment and nature, moreover, it is easy to clean and adapts to all types of furniture. The natural light that steel gives off gives the garden a unique and very noticeable brightness; It is widely used for garden furniture thanks to its non-deformability over time, in fact it does not fear the aggression of any liquid or chemical acids.
There are many advantages of garden furniture, because they allow you to customize the exterior of your home and create more space to spend the days in company; you just need to choose the right furniture and furnish your own spaces.


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