Water the roses

Water the roses

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Question: how much do you water the roses?

hi, sorry for the time I wanted to know the roses how much you have to give them to drink in winter, autumn and in summer these roses are in the ground I have a garden

Water the roses: Answer: water the roses

Dear Michele,
the waterings that are supplied to the plants cannot follow strict rules, since the variables that regulate them are too many; much depends on the seasonal climate, but also on the area in which you live: it is obvious that the waterings provided in a Sciacca garden will be decidedly different from those provided in a similar garden, but placed in Courmayeur. That said, roses are not overly demanding shrubs in terms of watering; in general the ground must be watered when it is dry, and considering that roses bear short periods of drought, and instead fear the excesses of water in the ground. So, upstream of everything, you should bury it in a good rich and fertile soil, but also well-drained, so that events with stagnant water persisting over time do not occur, or otherwise the plants would tend to spoil quickly enough. Therefore, in spring and autumn, rains generally help us, and therefore we will water only when the climate is warm and the rains are scarce; in summer we will water more often, especially if we want flowering plants: roses tend to come into semi-vegetative rest in the event of very high temperatures and drought; so if summer watering is scarce, roses stop producing new shoots and flourish. In cold weather, it is usually sufficient to water sporadically, only when the climate is mild and dry. A plant that has recently settled down will require more attention than a rosebush that has been planted for years, with a beautiful root system already wide and well-branched.