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Fat plants

Root rot!

Question: root rot! Help! after a bit of disasters, my succulent plant, like cactus but I don't know its name, is rotting at the roots, ... what should I do? can you save !? thanks! Potseed Germination I Seeds: Echinopsis silvestrii, Rare Lobivia Cactus Chamaecereus Seed Succulent -20 Seeds Price
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"Title =" Ikebana - ikebana "> Ikebana Ikebana, whose literal meaning is" living flowers ", is the ancient Japanese art of floral compositions, a decorative and meditative discipline that was initially called Kado," way of flowers " Fujimitsu Ikenobo Ikebana Bonsai Scissors 165mm Made in Japan by Fujimitsu Price
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Acai The aça is the fruit, or berry, of a large palm tree found in the Amazonian Brazil, the Euterpe oleracea; this large tropical palm tree produces twice a year huge infructescences, containing numerous blue-violet berries, which remind us of olives or big blueberries, or of grapes. The pulp is thin and aromatic, and the fruit contains two very large seeds.
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Fruit and Vegetables

Peach with yellow dots

Question: what affects my peach tree? Hello, I bought a peach nano this winter, it bloomed very well in the spring, started to bear fruit and developed a lot. Lately, however, I have noticed that on the trunk and on the branches there are yellow spots followed sometimes by larger dark spots.
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Olive tree fly

Bactrocera oleae is the scientific name of the most dangerous parasite for olive cultivation, an enemy that if not fought in time, acts undisturbed destroying large amounts of olives. The olive fly is in the form very similar to the flies that strike other types of fruit and is easily recognizable because of the black dot that is found on the tip of each of the two wings.
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Red spider

Question: red spider hi can anyone tell me how you can get rid of the red spider as well as the whiteness since I've been fighting for almost a year !!! thanks !! 750 ML TRIPLE ACTION COMPO SPRAY INSECTICIDE FUNGICIDE ACARICIDE READY TO USE ELIMINATES UNDERMINED INSECTS Price
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