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Garden furniture

External planters

INTRODUCTION Furnishing your garden and your balconies represents an action that must be carried out very carefully, because even the external spaces of the house must be treated in detail in order to be in harmony with the rest of the home furnishings. In this regard, it is good practice to install outdoor flower boxes to keep the flowers in order, but they also serve as furnishing accessories suitable for enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the house; outdoor planters can be placed both on terraces and in your garden and can contain several plants at the same time inside them.
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Cutting Geraniums

On this page we will talk about: other articles: see also: Geranium - Pelargonium Cuttings Geraniums: Geraniums are plants with rapid development, from which it is possible to draw cuttings that root easily. Such cuttings should be prepared in autumn and then protected, so as to have plants already well developed in spring, but it is also possible to prepare geranium cuttings in spring, taking them from new plants recently purchased.
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Fruit and Vegetables


Question: zucchini I would like to know why the courgettes, apart from the first ones I collect, turn yellow first at the "tip" then slowly all the way down with the consequence of no growth and therefore preventing a good harvest. In thanking you I take this opportunity to extend my best regards. SEEDS OF QUALITY VEGETABLES IN TERMOSALDATED ENVELOPES OF 50 GRAMS (ZUCCHINO BIANCA DI TRIESTE) Price
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Ivy When we talk about Ivy in a general sense, we tend to think of villas with fences adorned with this decorative climbing plant, but the term is generic because it covers so many varieties of climbing herbs. What we see in the gardens and in our cities is the Hedera helix which is the most common in fact it is very widespread because it is highly decorative, easy to grow and resistant to all climatic agents.
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Grandma's remedies

The grandmother's remedies All of us, in developing our green thumb, received from grandmothers, aunts and various friends, a series of advice, sometimes very bizarre, and often we also put them into practice, sometimes not because we understood useful, but just not to contradict the old woman who suggested we put the coffee grounds left in the vase, or the leaves of you.
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Apartment plants


Question: light having to place ornamental plants in the entrance hall of the building, where little light arrives, what solution do you recommend? Thank You Yacikos Solar LED Outdoor Light 108 LEDs, [270 ° -Super Bright -2200mAh] Solar Lamp with Motion Sensor Solar Waterproof Solar Lights with 3 modes for Garden-2 Pieces Price
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